Sitting - kind of!

Gabe is sitting - only if he can lean forward and grab his toys though, then he will sit himself straight and sit unaided for a bit before toppling backwards or sideways!

It's so exciting watching him sit, OK it may be for 20 seconds but he is nearly 8 months and I'm thinking most bubs are sitting well by 6 I'm excited...also he rolled 3 times today which is VERY unlike him!


  • whohoo millie does it too is funny when she falls to the side haha she always seems to lean to far forward i guess she cant balance properly yet! i bet gabe will just shock u soon by getting up and walking off
  • aw, well done gabe image
    evie is the same, she leans too far and ends up in a heap,lol. oliver didnt sit unaided properly til he was 9m. xx
  • i was gonna put a post about sitting etc!well done gabe!grace is still not sitting up on her own n shes 7 1/2mths,she rolls alot n turns herself to get toys on her tum but thats all! xxx
  • hey tigerlily you must be a proud mummy. I remember when a couple of my friends babys could sit up and I was thinking my lo is really slow.
    After sitting up she was desperate to crawl, and having crawled just before Christmas she is now pulling herself up on furniture.......Its nice to see her progressing but sometimes I do wish she would just slow down!xxx

    He'll take you by surprise. Howz his talking going....? Still lots of mamas and dadas?
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