How can i stop........... (also in Born in oct)

Alfie waking at 5 in the morning and talking to himself for 20 minutes??????

I am so proud of him as he has just recently dropped his 2am-5am bottle (he used to wake at all sorts of times) and he has one at 7 in the morning. As a reult he has dropped a bottle during the day now and we have gone to 3 bottles in 24 hours. They are 2 7oz bottles and an 8oz bottle at 6pm so i am not concerned that he isn't drinking enough as i am taking the assumption that he wouldn;t be sleeping through the night if he was hungry.

The thing is where he used to wake at 2-5am for a bottle then go straight back to sleep till 8am he now skips the bottle and gets up at 7am. This isn;t a problem but he also gets up at 5ish and just chats to himself for ages, he doesn't whinge or anything so i know he isn;t hungry as after a while it all goes quiet again. Do you think this is just habbit and he will stop waking soon or is this something he will probably continue to do?

Anyone else got any experience of this happening to them? It just seems i am not benefiting from him sleeping through as i have to keep getting up for his dummy to try and get him back to sleep.

Charlene and Alfie (22 weeks and 4days)
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