Gatecrashing from PG - re M&P Pliko Pramette

Hi Ladies
Sorry to gatecrash, hope you and lo's are well.
I have ordered a M&P plikp pramette but bubs is due in December and it doesn't come with a raincover which I wanted to get. Does anyone know the sizes or anyone have one and you can tell me where to get one. I can't seem to be able to get one at M&P.
thanks ladies


  • Hiya hun, i have got the pliko pramette package, collected it last week, mine came with a raincover as part of the deal. I got mine from a M&P store. GIve them a call cos they certainly do them, as i have mine!

    Hope you manage to get it sorted hun

    Choccy x x
  • Hi Choccy
    Really? I have ordered the top package as it was on special so you literally got everything for about ??550 instead of ??700. If it comes with a raincover thats fab, I'll give them a call now.
    Thanks again.xx
  • Failing that I got a spare one from ebay - didn't cost much at all - about ??5 I think
  • Hiya,

    Yeah, i got the pram, luxury footmuff, bag, parasol, raincover and isofix base all included for ??525.

    Good luck! hope you manage to get the deal you want. I am so happy with it all, just got to wait 3 weeks so i can put the baby in it!
  • Thanks Twirly, I'll remember that.
    Choccy, thats the deal we have put the deposit down on for October, What colour did you go for, we went for cityscape as didn't know colour of bump then. We were thinking either pink blanket or blue blanket, just so happens we have blue!
    Thanks again for your help, let me know how you get on with the pram when you have a real live baby to go in it, I can only practice!!!
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