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Alyssa has awful reflux, extreme eczema and refuses to drink her milk...i keep asking my gp about milk intolerance to which he says get it out of your head they are very rarely proven?!?!?

So today i am switching her to a dairy free diet buying lactose free milk to see if it makes a difference...now just after some help with regards to milk, yoghurt cheese etc as obviously at 6 and a half months we were starting her on cheese sauces and yoghurt so what can i use?

Thank you x


  • Hi

    There is a lactose free cheese you can use and i also used Soya yoghurts for my DD who now at the age of 2 is slowly improving.

    Will the GP not refer you to a Dietician ?
  • personlaly i would (and do) use something completely dairy free as if its just lactose free it will still contain cows milk protein, which might be the problem (as is with ds, 16months) at 6+months its perfectly fine to use soya forumla milk (ds has sma wysoy, but there are other brands, cow and gate infasoy etc) re yoghurts ds has a cheese spread by a brand caled pure (its next to the phillidelphia in the fridges, more liekly to find in tesco than asda), yoghurts u can get by alpro soya, and asda do thier own brand (again these are just alongside normal yoghurts), there is a hard 'cheese' called cheezy, and its alongside the low choletsrorol cheeses etc in the cheese fridge bit. tesco sell a powdered dairy free cheese sauce and a dairy free parmasan, u can find thsese in the 'free from' aisle. u should notice a difference failry quickly, u noticed a difference over night in the amount of sick, and by the end of the first week he was a completely different baby, it was amazing!...not sure ur gp said that, cows milk intolerances/allergies are the most common intolerance/allergy in under 5s! and it seems to go hand in hand with reflux...we were continually palmed off by various docs and hvs that it was reflux, it was only when we moved area and got a new gp that someone actually listened and he precribed wysoy there and then. he's not showing any signs of improvement yet (i ahve tried him on the rare occasion with a tiny bit f somehting containing milk) and out paed wants to do a barium meal test (?) where they'll test how intolerant he is when he reaches 2... if the dairy free works then get straight back to ur gp and tell him tio refer u to a dietician and paediatrician, and if it doesn't work say u still want to be refrred to a paed in order to help the reflux or find out what else it is. x
  • I was dairy free while I was bfing LO before she was weaned as it improved her reflux. Now she's weaned, she's eating dairy no problem so what ever her issue was she's obviously got over it. Anyway, I found a milk like drink made from oats called Oatly by the UHT milk in Tescos and Sainsburys and I think it's much nicer than the soya stuff. It has a sort of porridgey taste. They also do a cream and I've used it on fruit and in sauces.

    B x
  • Hope this article may help, obvioulsy not in shops yet but will be soon...


    I found it intersting as i have dairy intollerance and will always keep eye on LO. We have insticts for a reason so it might be worth getting second opinion or adicve on trying him with dairy free food?

  • Hi firstly i feel your frustration! it took weeks of going backwards and forwards with lizzie to the doctor and HV about her milk intolerence but keep going!!
    secondly I was going to say pretty much everything WOWbaby said. there is a difference between lactose and cows milk protien intolernece, lizzie suffers both so the lactose free stuff is no good for her!
    soya milk would be a good start- according to sma website the soya milk tastes same as there normal fomula and babies can have soya milk once they are over 6 months but not before.
    we use soya yogurts (THEY ARE BIG AND LAST FOR 3 SITTINGS)
    also they do soya puddings which lizzie loves, again thse are fairl big.
    also watch out if you use any packeted foods for milk content in them.
    you can buy dairy free butter like spread called pure to make mash potoe and stuff.
    im off to hv in a min and i am going to ask oif lizzie can have goats cheese. I think she can but i best ask first!
    there are other things that makes lizzies skin bad (she suffers the bad skin, bad nappies and colic when she eats the wrong thing) these rae strawberrys,citrus fruits and mango.
    oh and if its something baby doesnt grow out of (apparentlymost do by the age of 5) they also sell dairy free choc buttonsimage
  • wannababy, i think goats milk products are out if lactose is also a problem as their milk contains a certain amount of this too as i ahd wondered this before and asked the dietician and she said just to stick to soya....oh yeh, i forgopt the 'margarine' we use the pure one sometimes, but vitalite is also dairy free. if u sue baby cereals check them too as quite a lot of them contain milk already, as with baby biscuits, although ellas klitchen and organix tend to be dairy free. x
  • Thank you very much for all the advice ladies, fingers crossed it makes a difference!!!

  • Hi thanks WOWbaby the hv did say it would be hit and miss with the goats cheese and she would advise against it for the reason you said.
    so think we are going to give cheese a miss altogether!
    Hope you get somewhere with your doc Mrs P.
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