HELP! someones stolen Tyler and replaced him with a monster!

Tyler wont stop crying!! Iv tried -

gripe water
teething gel
calprofen (almot an hour ago)
walk in the buggy to take J to nursery
hes ok with light and has no rashes that i can see. hes been like it since he woke up. I dont know what else to try.
hes not a happy bunny today! Any ideas? Please!!!!


  • BATH!!! - good idea!!! thanx xx
  • aw blees ya hun, could it be wind/ tummy ache? maybe a warm bath would calm him down, sorry not much help hope he settles for u soon hun. xx
  • alex was like this on friday night, start at half 1 in the morning. 2 big poos later he was ok, so guess it was a sore tummy. hope tyler settles
  • Tried the bath - Oh my gosh he screamed blue murder!! Even Isaac started crying it was that loud & piercing! I had to take him out. Hes drinking some water at the moment so hes quiet and looks like he'll fall asleep on the bottle. I dont know what Im gonna do if he starts again! Y is he so upset? :cry: :\? :cry:
  • well he is now asleep in his buggy. Good job coz Iv gotta go and get J from nursery in a min. I hope hes not like it when he wakes up! My poor lil man.

    Thanx for ur help ladies xx
  • aww elaine hunny, hope little tyler is ok, caitlin gets like that sometimes, usually she is tired and trys to fight it, bless him and you xx
  • i got monster to she crying for no reson andd stop when pick her up won t a monster hope little one it ok hun
  • hello mecedez bin lik dat for sum days n bri had a bug from nusery n had bin throwin up her food n stoolin but its gon now. took mecedez to the hosp n had her tested n sed she was ok but after doin a massiv poo n throwin up at 2am dis mornin she's feelin much beta.
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