Slightly worried :\?


My 18 month old has been walking for about 4months now and he's been fine. But this morning, he has been toddling from one end of the living room to the other and has fallen over about 25 times. I dont understand why he is doing this. Its like he trips over his toes or something.

Anyone know why he is suddenly doing this? think there might b something wrong? xx


  • this probably sounds really daft but i'll suggest it anyway, my mil told me a story about how she cried all day because she thought oh suddenly couldn't walk, when they finally got a dr out it was because his shoes she'd been putting him in were now too small.
  • lol. well he has been wandering around in his bare feet so i dont think its that. lol. thats quite funny xx
  • lol, thought it probably wasn't that but better said than not! hmmm, don't know what else to suggest really as my lo doesn't even crawl yet. it couldn't be a game could it? or perhaps he's trying to get faster! i think perhaps i'll move over so with any luck you can get some useful suggestions, hope you find the answer soon
  • This may sound daft but is he tired? My bubba is 14 months and been walking about a month but he still falls over loads when he's tired cos he's so busy toddling around I don't always notice when he needs a sleep!
  • is he ok in himself as it can be a sign of an ear infection
  • he's ok in himself. more temperature tantrums than usual. and he aint tired when he's doing it. he is sometimes tho but not always. i hope he's ok. tantrums can be a sign of illness cant it? xx
  • no he's really good. feet straight! x
  • he's just got up screaming so i am thinking itsn his balance and he is coming down with something. i might take him to the doctors i think. i'm really quite worried about him xx
  • how is he today? x
  • he's still asleep! lazy bones. no he's not pulling his ears or anything. i'm gonna go and wake him up in a min. he did it all day yesterday - fall over that it. it was worse last night but he was tired! i hope he's ok xx
  • Could it be because he is having a growth spirt and its thrown his balence off??
  • did you get to the bottom of it? hope he's ok
  • e Just stopped so i dunno what it was. Now his whole of his back and belly is covered in a rash!! It never ebds! lol xx
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