OK, nursery and clothing...

I'm being very organised and starting to think about what lo will need when he starts at nursery in October (it will be next month next week - eek!) He'll be 9 1/2 months.

I think he needs to take a change of clothes and will obviously need some outdoor clothing. Do those of you who send your child to nursery have seperate 'nursery' clothing of just grab anything out of the cupboard? I presume that you label them and have been looking at taggits (http://shop.wovina.com/p-21-taggits.aspx) which seem a great idea for someone who struggles to thread a needle! Has anyone tried them? Are they bulky and annoying for the child?

Does anyone have any recommendations for any other things I might need/want?

Thanks, as always, in advance!



  • We have a bag of clothes that we leave on her hook at nursery. It holds 2 complete changes of clothing and a long sleeved top. She also has a small back pack that we take everyday. It holds her soother, bed bear (comforter bear), blanket, a hat, bonjela and anything else she might need specifically that day (breakfast things if she's been early etc) - anything that I will need to wash regularly or we will need at home. I bought some name labels but never actually used them. I just write her initials or our surname on the label of the clothing. It's a lot faster!
  • We have a bag with cole's name on it with a change of clothing (in the summer I put light trousers in cause then it covers if its hot or a bit chilly) and a long and short sleeved tshirt. I used to put a bib in it when he was smaller. That bag stays at nursery. Our nursery have wellies and all in one waterproofs that they put the kids in if its wet outside and they take them in the garden. If its not that bad then they just put his coat on.

    Also what we leave or have in the past left at nursery is teething gel, paracetamol, toy (didnt' bother after the first couple of weeks except when he was ill), juice cup and milk cup. i've taken the juice cup home now he's in the bigger kids room as they have plenty. Oh yeah..and a hat for him too. i bought a ??2 one from matalan to leave there so I didn't have to fetch it back and forwards. Oh and suncream. We leave breakfast cereal there too, and kids on formula also leave a tin of formula there. We didn't bother as when Cole started there he was only having a small bottle each day in the daytime so we sent up the TT bottle with powder container in. Now he's on cows milk the nursery provide it. We also take nappies and wipes and sudacrem and the nursery just tell us when we need to bring more.

    Any food we send in I put in tubs with his name on - it makes things easier for them, and I also put his name in his shoes and in his coat. There is a nother little boy with the same new coat as Cole so good job I did, and also with the shoes there are so few styles that the kids often end up in the same ones. When we picked cole up today they did have 2 little girls with the same shoes and they didn't know which was which. My friend said her daughter came home once in matching design shoes in 2 different sizes.

    We don't send him in the nicer clothes, although tbh I guess that more applies for girls with pretty dresses and stuff - I usually put him in the darker tshirts though as he does come home a bit painty sometimes. none of his clothes is expensive so its not that big a deal if they get a bit painty - nothing has come back so bad as the state his jeans got in the first time we painted at home anyway lol. shoes came back painty the other week but he puked all over them on monday so they went in the wash and are fine now.

    We got our labels from here http://www.easy2name.com/ - on recommendation from my neighbour. i bought the starter pack which comes with stick on labels and some label covers for in shoes, and some iron on labels and they are great. Think it was a tenner for the pack. The iron on labels are dead quick to use and the stick on labels stay on when we wash up. I tend to label everything firstly so it doesn't go missing and also because I know nursery appreciate it as it makes their life a little easier. The iron on labels are quite smooth and not bulky at all and I would buy them agian

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