I'm on strike.

I give up feeding Toby! I can't bear it anymore. I'm getting so angry at every feed. He's a nightmare. The Dr and Pharmacist told me Gaviscon would be an instant reaction but its made absolutely no difference to his feeding. Our last resort is seeing a friend who will do some cranial osteopathy on him as she thinks he's just got a delicate digestive system and not silent reflux! I'll try anything. I just want him to take a feed and be happy! I can't take anymore! I'm sorry for moaning again. Joo xxx
P.S. Clearly I'm not really on strike, just being a drama queen!


  • Aw hun.
    Its horrible and frustrating isnt it?
    I was told by my GP that gaviscon needs 2 weeks to work!
    Have you tried SMA staydown and some of the other milks specially forumlated for reflux?
  • I hope the osteopath can help you, I take my dd2 to one and it's brilliant. It's helped so much and she's a lot happier. With the help of the osteopath we found out she had silent reflux, was lactose and gluten intolerant. It was such a relief, bcoz I felt like I was poisoning her with every feed the fuss she made. X
  • oh sweetheart, sorry to hear things aren't going well. they prescribed Austin gaviscon and it did bugger all except make him constipated on top of still being sick and screaming with every bowell movement (farts and poos), go back to ur doctor and tell them it's doing nothing and they need to get to the bottom of this. as it happened with us we moved house when ds was 17 weeks old and got a new doctor, who immediately prescribed him soya milk especially as he had started to lose weight at this point and told me to cut out dairy (as i partially breast feed) and he stopped beng sick, stopped screaming and his poo returned to orange as opposed to the green it had been since he was brn within 3 days. unfortunately this was short lived and 4 weeks later he was back to his old self, so they decided he had developed an intolerance to the soya, so they then put him on nutrimagen milk which made it worse, so back on the wysoy for now, finally seeing a paediatrician on the 30th and hope we can get to the bottom of this then as it's driving me insane. anyway my point is, have they considered any tolerances/ allergies with Toby, it's not uncommon for reflux to be diagnosed when it is infact an intoleranc or allergy (partciularly lactose intolerance or cow's milk protein allergy).

    i hope u find the answer soon , but do keep on at ur GP, my experience is that some doctors and hv's just put everything down to reflux/ colic for a quiet life rather than having to actually do something.

  • I know how you feel babe I had terrible trouble with Ellie when she was little & I felt like giving up.
    It was really soul destroying because your doing everything you can to help your LO & sometimes feel like your talking to a brick wall when actually it's you HV/GP/Pharmacist!

    Perservere with what your doing, keep on at them & fingers crossed the osteopath is a help image
    Lauren xx
  • Hi have you tried giving him the milk room temp. rather than warm? Riley had a couple of days of refusing milk and I stopped warming it up and changed milks and on the first bottle he drained the whole 8oz! I think it was the temp. of the milk hurting him gums. x
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