why wont she .....

hi ladies
anyone else having problems with lo sleeping at night ?
my lol is a week old tomorrow and since being at home has not once slept in her moses basket or cot at night time she just wont stop crying until she is cuddleing up to me in bed. then if i move her back shell start crying all over again. shes fine sleeping in moses basket during day so why not at night??
anyone have any ideas ? im getting so tierd during the day as i try and not fall asleep in case i roll on to her at night time.

loren x x x


  • Oh you poor thing... As she such a newborn she prob likes snuggling up to remind her of the womb... some people swear by swaddling, but Ive never tried it, sorry i couldnt help much xxx best of luck xxx
  • you could try swadding like Palmtree says or a sleeping/growbag. Does she get snuffley at night? My LO used to when he was first born - but only at night. I used to prop his moses basket up at the top end. Hope this helps xx
  • We had exactly the same problem with Charlotte (now 10 months). I'm afraid we tried everything and the 1st 6 weeks were hell!! She eventually settled down, and I think one of the things that helped was putting her in a crib. We had borrowed the moses basket from my sister so it wasn't like we had to buy another bed for her. I know that may not be the case for you tho. Try swaddling her as she is still so little and this will help comfort her. You can buy swaddling blankets or just use one of your own. I know it's very very hard but try not to keep rocking her to sleep in your arms as she gets older as she will have to learn to fall asleep on her own. We did not hold Charlotte too much and she soon could get to sleep by herself. Good luck and I do promise you it will get better...!
  • my little on will be two weeks tomorrow and he will go down in his basket allright at 6.30pm and sleeps till between 9.30pm - 10.30pm when he wakes for a feed he then wont sleep unless in my arms till his 2am feed, after this feed he will go back in his basket and the same after his 6am feed, cant work out why not with the 10pm feed though.
  • She probably feels insecure at night, it's quite different from day for a lo because it's suddenly all dark and quiet! Maybe try putting the radio on really low so there's a bit of background noise, and also maybe a nightlight if you don't have one. Both of these helped with Beth when she was very young.
    Make sure you get as much sleep as you can during the day. And remember that it will get better! The sleep deprivation is horrible at first, but it won't last forever!
  • We had the same problem and we always used to swaddle lo but after 6 weeks of swaddling he still would only go in his cribb for a few hours.
    You won't lie on him so long as you don't smoke, take drugs and haven't been drinking its instinct.
    We let our lo sleep in the bed with us and it makes life so much easier and because I breast feed it means I don't even need to get out of bed and I get a good nights sleep as well.
    Look up co-sleeping .

    Lucie x

    P.S I always put lo on top of the covers with a blanket over him
  • thanks for all the replies ladies
    ill deffently give swaddleing ago seems to work really well for everyone else.

    loren x xx
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