Baby modelling - what do you think?

Just wondering what people's thoughts are on baby modelling?
Does anyone's lo do it?

It's not something i'd ever thought about but the reason i'm asking is that we went for a family portrait session yesterday and my lo was a star!
He posed like a pro and clearly was loving every minute of it. The photographer was very impressed with him and said that he had exactly the right look and temperament for the camera.

I'm sure that he is quite a good looking baby - clearly i think he's gorgeous - but i can't go out the house without strangers stopping me to tell me how beautiful he is! He is also very photogenic.

So is it worth looking into modelling for him? A part of me thinks that it wouldn't be very healthy to put such an emphasis on appearance, but then he's only 11 months, so probably wouldn't think like that anyway!


  • i personally wouldn't do it as my SIL and my cousin both did modelling and i HATE the people they've become because of it and even if LOs do it young they're still gunna know about it and i'd hate JJ going to school with "i used to be a model" and thinking he was better than everyone else! i think i'm just like this because of the way my SIL is about her modelling pics...her profile on facebook says "im 18, gorgeous and a model"...i just wanna slap her back into the real world lol!
  • LOl mrsjbourne i had friends at school that were child models, and you never heard the end of it so i know exactly what you mean! The kids end up with confidence, but the wrong sort in my experience - the focus on looks and not personality and intelligence from such a young age is a dangerous one i feel. However saying that, a lot of the 'damage' (for want of a better word!) can be limited by the parents keeping the kids feet on the ground, which i don't think happens in a lot of cases. x
  • I am getting a portfolio done of Ellie. My dad is a photographer & from the minute she was born he has said she is perfect for modelling.
    The money would go into her trust fund.
    I think yes it gives a child confidence but if they have parents who as jamdonut says keep their feet on the ground then that is a big issue.
    I am extremely proud of my LO as we all our & I personally don't see a problem with it xx
  • I'd love for my boy to be confident, but i really don't want him to end up like those big headed people you guys knew at school.
    If he does end up modelling, i'll make sure he knows that it's intelligence and personality that count in this world!
    I too, was going to put any money he makes into his CTF - which would be fab because his daddy and i can't really afford to put anything in it ourselves. How much can babies make from modelling?
  • Im not sure if i would let my lo do it. I couldnt bear the thought of her being rejected by people or dragging her round here, there and everywhere just for some money. I dont think you necessarily make that much cos any castings you go to you have to pay for yourself and also the agency would take a cut too. It would also depend on how many jobs your lo got.

    I dont think it matters how gorgeous your baby is cos ive seen some ugly ones in magazines lol.
  • I'd never consider it for my LO. If it's something he wants to do he can make the choice once he is old enough! I think a lot of mums are really competitive for their children ("Oh, MY baby did modelling" etc) and I don't agree with that at all. Gabe is much happier playing with mummy and daddy then being faffed about dressing in different clothes and under a spotlight. And (imo) thats the way it should be!
    By the way - I don't mean to offend anyone at all - if you and your LO enjoy it then good for you xx
  • i wouldnt do it now only coz i got caught out, brooke was accepted to an agency, i had to pay a fee over 100 pounds for 3 years to keep her webpage up to date. more fool me, she hasnt had ne work or anything, so if u do then be careful where u go!
  • From my experience you have to look into it very carefully, there are a lot of agencies out there who clearly only want your money, baby shak accepted Isaac but wanted ??100 for a web page, didnt do any professional photos unless I paid extra for them and I had to send photos and updates every 3 months, that didnt seem right to me so I didnt do it. He did get accepted by urban angels agency which from what I understand is a very reputable agency, it is the one that prima baby use for the model competition, he had a professional photo shoot done which was free, then when he got accepted I paid ??45 which is for a year, it is for insurance etc, he also got 2 photos from the shoot and gets a web page for a year, in a years time he has to go for another shoot. They told me that it is not worth getting a portfolio done on such a yound child as they change so quickly, also any work he gets we will get the photos and the tear sheets from and this will make up his portfolio so it wont cost us money.

    I would say if you want to do it, then go ahead, I would never let Isaac turn into a nasty child becuase of it and to be honest I wouldnt do it when he started school any way. I just thought it would be something nice to do whilst he was younger and have the lovely photos and the memories, not to mention the pride of seeing his face in a magazine or on an advert. x
  • It's up to you if you'd like to do it as a social, getting out and about type thing. Don't expect to get paid much or anything for it. It is hard work as you'll have to keep your contract and be at a certain place at a certain time and that can be difficult with a baby. Having said that, if you think you and lo will have fun doing it, go ahead! xxx
  • Thanks for the different views everyone.

    i don't think i'm going to bothering pursuing it. We're pretty busy anyway with various toddlers groups and baby activities, which i'm sure he'd much prefer to being dragged about auditions etc.

    Going to just let him be a baby, and if he turns into a gorgeous adult (which he will of course!), then i'll be proud to support him whatever he wants to do.
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