Does everyone..

check on their LO before getting into bed?

Jakes door really squeaks and he would wake up. Feel like a bad mummy for putting him to bed and "forgetting" about him lol! Can hear him snoring most of the time though lol!


  • I feel like a bad mummy too as george is a light sleeper and being deaf relies on vibrations and light and when i open his door it seems to disturb him so i dont go into him anymore but listen outside the door!

    I do however go in on the girls as they end up sneaking out of bed and sleeping on the floor!! x
  • Nope! I occasionally peep in on them, but Barney ALWAYS wakes up if I do so I try not to.
  • I do sometimes but usually don't - when I do it is normally after a hard day when I just want an AWWWWWW moment! :lol: his door is noisy too and one day a couple of weeks ago when I DID check on him it resulted on him waking up and yelling for half an hour so hubbie is not keen on me doing it now image
  • I only check on her if i want to look at her. That sounds a bit creepy!!!
    I mean sometimes i just want to watch her sleep (is that less creepy?!).
  • ha ha at the girls sleeping on the floor. I know if I went in to him I would want to move him which would wake him up. He always crawls to the end of the cot. rattles around banging his head on the end of it and then falls asleep upside down inside out etc...
  • Sometimes - If I've heard her moving around on the monitor I leave her if not OH checks on her - That way if she wakes its his fault and has to resettle her lol!!!
  • Yes, but then I am a notorious worrier! :lol: I used just to have listen at Peter's door and could hear him breathing loudly, but he has become much quieter these days, so now I creep in and put my hand on his chest.
  • I always check on Bethany - i leave her door open abit so i can creep in before i go to bed. I just like to have a final peek before i settle down for the night and i can settle better knowing shes ok. Silly, i know!
  • We have a squeaky door too but leave it open a bit so I can pop a couple of dummies in his cot for him to find - he throws them out if I put them in at bedtime.

    I do check on his breathing when I'm in there too as I'm paranoid!
  • Always check on them, tuck them back in and give them a kiss. Luckily they're heavy sleepers, touch wood!
  • i never have been. i didnt have a monitor until jake was about five months but that was cos a friends baby dies of cot seath... i tend to be a really laid back person, maybe im being silly! x
  • i'm in every 5 mins because i'm a worrier and he's a really quiet sleeper so i don't hear him on the monitor...i leave his door open though x
  • Yup I check all 3 of mine every night without fail :\)

    They never usually wake tbh but if they do (cos I'm being a bit clumsy lol) I just shhhh them back to sleep.

    Don't think you're a bad mummy if you can hear him snoring! :lol:

  • I always check too and I have a sensor pad monitor that tells me she's ok! Think Im a bit OTT to be honest! I like to tuck her in and kiss her head then I whisper to her that I love her and goodnight sleep tight!! image
  • i too check on both of mine several times before bed and usually in the night ...heres another worrier lol xx
  • Ashton is still in our bedroom so check on him every night before I get into bed! We move in 2 weeks and then he will be in his own room, but I know I will still check on him - think it helps me sleep better! xxx
  • Well my little angel is only 4 months old and still sleeps in a moses basket.. but we also have a very squeaky door that stirs her when I go to bed. Gonna get some oil on the hinges I think. Poor little lamb is probably fed-up with being disturbed.. lol.
  • hi welcome to the site, do you have a son or a daughter?? i'd definitly oil the hinges they sleep little enough as it is at that age lol x
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