8 month old food routine and snacks???

My lo is now 8 months and has suddenly (almost overnight) developed a hatred for anything on a spoon!
He will happily have finger food but I'm worried he's not getting enough food. Spoke to H.V yesterday and she said if he's hungry he'll let you know but he's never been a hungry baby. Last week I forgot to give him his afternoon bottle and only realised when I was getting tea ready at 5 and saw the bottle on the side...he'd been quite happy without it but would have had 8oz if offered!

I was doing BLW after the initial early weaning but then he got ill and wouldn't eat anything so turned to puree so maybe now he wants to go back to it. He's allergic to egg so that make things a little tricky. H.V suggested I start to add in snacks so he can eat little and often until he gets used to feeding himself but I'm not sure what to give or when to fit them in???

Current routine is:

7am ish Wakes 8-9oz milk
8ish brekkie - this used to be weetabix which he loved but now toast and banana
11.30 -12 lunch - finger food bits
3pm - milk 8oz
5pm tea
6.30pm milk 9oz

When do you do snacks and do you think this routine is ok?

Having a slight crisis of confidence with his eating as you can see!

Thanks Kx


  • Hi,my ds is 8.5 months and his routine i3
    6.30-7am 7oz bottle milk
    7.30-8am Breakfast,Weetabix or fruity porridge
    10.30 am Snack rice cake,banana,biscotti
    12pm Lunch,sometimes has sandwich,crisps or
    yoghurt or a hot lunch and yoghurt.
    4.30pm Dinner,hot dinner followed by yoghurt or
    something like banana custard.
    7pm 7oz bottle then bed.
    At lunch and dinner he is offered water
    which he seems to enjoy!
    We dropped the morning and afternoon bottle about 2/3 weeks ago as he just wasn't drinking them and we were wasting so much.
    Your routine seems fine,but if he doesn't want his afternoon bottle thats ok too,he'll let you know if he wants it! HTH. xx
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