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Well after the shit that hit the fan yesterday i thought we could do with reminding ourselves of why we love this site. Heres mine:

When i lost my mum at 6 months preg i needed support and felt it easier to talk to you ladies than burden my family. Lee (tommysmum) was wonderfully supportive and i was touched by her kind words, as with many others on here.

Not to mention being able to ask you all advice when i become neurotic worryhead mummy as i occasionally do!

so thankyou my lovely BE friends!



  • My hubby works away a lot out of the country & everyone on here has been so helpful & supportive. I live in the middle of the country with not many houses around so its nice to be able to talk to people on here xxxx
  • My baby is no longer a baby at 18 months but you girls are fab to chat to about anything and everything x
  • Hi,
    Good idea listef! Well I don't have a Mum (died when I was little) to ask Mummy type questions so that's why I ended up asking all my daft questions to you guys! And I can safely say you guys have helped me with loads of issues from himself not feeding properly to which finger foods to go for. Very grateful to everyone, so big thanks to the BE ladies! xx
  • My oh doesn't live with me so when my boys are in bed and my oh has gone home and i'm all lonely I come on here every single night! I'm more of a reader than a poster (I joined nearly a year ago but it still says i'm a newbie!) Cuz i'm shy! Everyone's lovely (apart from one whom I shall not name) and there's such good advice on here, I even bought a special pillow for baby tom someone reccommend on here when his head started going flat at the back! So thanks everybody for making my lonely nights not so lonely xx
  • Mine is no longer a baby either but I've had some invaluable advice from people on here over the last 2 years since finding out I was pregnant.
    I've met a few of you also and it's nice to know there are some really nice people on this site.
    Thank you!
  • I have a sister with 2 lo's (1 & 3) so can ask her most things (my mum died when I was 18 so always go to her anyway as she's older than me).
    BUT I like to come on here to ask all you ladies your advice as it's good to get a wide range of answers. Plus it's good to know I'm not the only one with problems when lo not sleeping etc.
    Charlotte now 1 but don't want to leave and go to Toddler forum!
  • This site has been such a help to me since I found out I was pregnant! Although I have friends with kids I don't always feel I can call them, and some questions are too personal or feel too trivial to ask friends or relatives!
    Everyone here is so helpful and friendly!
  • You girl on here have help loads and support though everthing with faith just won to thank you all.I have made some really good friends on here
    Thank you again \XXX
  • I found BE when I was 35 weeks preg and had just been told I would need a c-section due to low lying placenta. I was so worried but the advice I got was fantastic. After Aoife was born I moved over to Baby and have been overwhelmed by the supportiveness and friendliness. I like that I can ask stupid questions and not be made to feel like an idiot! I like that we don't just talk about babies but other things too some silly/fun and some serious. This is a great site (on the whole) and I am grateful that it is here!
  • i'd already done with having kids when i came on here - my last was about 7 months old!! even if i didnt feel that i needed advice in paticular, i love the fact that most of us have a damn good laugh about things that are not baby related - i've read books recommended, watched something on TV / film i wouldnt have bothered with usually etc etc!!

    i'm still not EVER gonna watch Big Brother tho. i dont care what any of you say!
  • I love this site as my hubby works a lot and I get bored when Riley has gone to bed at night. It's great to get all of your points of view, and have a laugh at the things which didnt seem so funny at the time! xxx
  • I am the same as most of you, have found BE a brilliant place with so many friendly people. As Ashton was born in June I spent most of my pregnancy and after talking to alot of the same people and now feel really close to them (you know who you are) and I am now even going through my second pregnancy with some!!!! The advice is brilliant and as someone else said its nice to get a wide view of things and help & support each other through everything so a HUGE big thanks to all my BE friends - your the best! xxxx
  • I love this site because i can come here and talk about the most embarrasing mummy problems and no one ever bats an eye lid, All the ladies are so supportive and i have been given some invaluable advise by most people on here even if its not baby related. Also i have actually laughed out loud many a time reading some hilarious stories on here, but also have cried at the sad or tragic storys. Thankyou ladies!! xxxxxxxx
  • I agree, I dont know where i would be without BE and some posters in particular.

  • Listef - you mare, I was nearly in tears reading that! Thank you so much for saying that but most of all you know how happy I was to be able to help you through!

    I love BE because I feel I have made some really good friends - both online and in person - and even though this is my 3rd time round I have felt like I have totally forgotton what to do with babies so have got fantastic advice.

    Oh yeah and whilst pregnant and suffering from SPD (which I had never heard of til I "discovered" on here) - the advice and support from other mums with it like Lara and Chloe and Westbrom was absolutely invaluable.

    This site has helped me keep sane (tho some may argue that case lol).

    Ooooh and another thing - have found Tommys wife to be (Ruby!!).

    See the site is perfect for everything
  • I suffered a mc with my 1st ppregnancy and without BE I don't know how I would have coped. You girls helped through pregnancy and all my neurotic worries since Archie was born. thanks all. S x
  • nearly cried writing it hun! It meant a lot that you were there for me cos i knew how genuine you were.

    anywho enough of this buff before i get all teary!

    you ladies are a grand bunch!!
  • haha, katie i think we'll all be on here whinging about the way our daughter in laws are bringing up our grandkids!!!
  • lol, i love BE because...
    I didnt know a thing about pregnancy till i came on here at 5 months, and read many stories, some scared the shit out of me, but i was very naive and probably quite selfish too (not being all that supportive of the stories of late miscarriage that scared the crap out of me as Id misccarried 8 days before concieving DJ), but its opened my eyes.. I am now a Mummy, I do still post stupid things, I still worry Davids not eating enough, sleeping too much bla bla but you guys keep me sane and reassure me my sons not ill all the time and babys do infact need lots of sleep and dont always eat as much as they should lol...
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