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What are your Boobies like after pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding and post baby body?

Mine were an 36 D - DD.. Really perky :lol: but Now apprently (got measured in a posh shop) I am a 34 E!! image but they are MUCH fuller now, but also Much heavier!! :roll: they are a bit droopy looking :\? when my bra is off! *blushes* can't believe i'm admitting to this! However on the brighter side when I've got the Right ;\) Bra on I can get a Yummy Mummy look on the go!

so come on ladies spill the beans... or fried eggs, or EVEN MELLONS!! :lol: xx


  • well i had fried eggs pre pg 34B image they went upto 34d when pregnant. When my milk came in 34E whoo hoo image. I'm still breastfeeding and they have settled to a 34dd. x
  • a bit droopy bra-less but ok with decent fitting bra on!! Can't complain thou, after 5 kids I'm about a 36C/D (depending on make lol).
  • Well, i was a 34/36a pre pregnancy, a 36a while i was preg, a 36a when my milk came in, a 36a when i stopped breastfeedin n guess what size now? Yep, a 36a lol! I want a boob job, on the plus side, they are 2 small 2 droop n i can get my bra's from anywhere coz i dont need decent support x
  • 34A pre-preg, 34B towards end of preg, 34C now (breastfeeding). A few faint stretchmarks on the undersides but no drooping - yet image
  • I was a 34 A/B before i was pregnant and went to a 34D during pregnancy. When my milk came in they went even bigger but i didnt breastfeed so dont know what size they were. Im now about a 34B but they are a little droopy. In a bra you cant tell and to be honest i dont really care.

    Im glad they have gone smaller i hated having big boobs and i would never have a boob job. I like sleeping on my front!
  • before Ollie 32C, during preg 32D, breastfeeding Ollie 34E, after bf back to a slightly droopy 34C. Now at 27+4I'm at a 34E and gaining fast.... will have to be remeasured in a week or so as my 'new' bras are a bit tight now....


  • before having Madi i was a 36D...ballooned up to 40F during pg and bf her. then deflated to 34B and rather saggy. then when pg with Braedon and bf after, they inflated a bit and went up to 36C woo hoo...but sadly back to 34B again and like 2 deflated balloons image so having a boob job when i'm rich!
  • Mine have always been a 38/36F and still are but after 3 kids they are definitley droopy! i hate them! i'm 24 and got boobs of a 50yr old lol Like them when its cold though - they firm up then lol, so wouldnt mind standing outside n showing them off lol hahahaha
  • mine are a 40C and have been since i had anne. they are defently going south, but after how much weight i have gained, and lost and after 2 kids im not surprised.
  • Mine were 34c, then went to 36d in pregnancy, now after 6 months bfing, they are a squishy 34c. God knows what they'll look like when I stop, I daren't lean over naked, lol. xxx
  • hahaha rebbecca, me too !! Like to envelopes that nearly touch the floor lol
  • Lol, yep, that's what mine are like! At least i'm not alone! xxx
  • Mine were big before, 36H. And you don't even wanna know what they were like during pregnancy. Now they are still a bit bigger and due to size I think they are a bit droppier. OH and I were once discussing my boobs and he accidentaly referred to them as udders. It didn't happen again !!Definitely will consider a reduction or lift after anymore children. S x
  • I was a 34c pre pregnancy nd am now a 34g, perky when they are full of milk and slightly droopier after a feed. Il complain when they point downwards! lol
  • hehe nice to know I'm not the only one with boob issues! Mine have always fluctuated with my weight so have B cups from slim days up to G cups from when my milk came in! Currently a nice D but droopy like a spaniels ears!
  • I so miss my pre-preg boobs! I was a 32b but they were so perky lol, really firm, but now after 2 babies I'm a 32dd and I hate them!! I always wanted bigger boobs but now I've got them I'd rather have the old ones back! They are a lot less firm but not saggy. Hubby loves them so at least he's happy lol and they look pretty good in a decent bra!

  • I was always a 32c before having my girls, then after having Kyah and breast feeding for a month they went back to how they were before , I even did page 3 lol. Since having Summer and breast feeding her for 5 months they are a 34c again but not as perky as they used to be, no more topless shots for me!

  • i was a 34 d-dd pre preg...very perky and nice! i loved them. am now a 36f and they are no longer upright and proud! they are in fact quite heavy and not where they should be! at 24 this is quite sad! MY mum was the same, she used to have to wear size 20 tops with size 14 bottoms cos her boobs went so big after pregnancy!
  • iv always had big balloons!!lol before any kids i was a 34dd,went up to a f cup after my 1st pregnancy and they have never gone down!i went up to a 36g whilst breastfeeding grace although they have now gone down to a 36f.Grace is 8 mths and im still bf,not too droopy yet! I am pregnant again tho so im sure that could all change!! xxx
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