help! 6 week growth spurt, reflux or something else?

Alex ha been very unsettled for a week now, and wants to constantly feed (ebf) and wont sleep which I put down to the 6 week growth spurt.

After chatting at bf clinic on mon hv suggested that I ask the doc at our 6 week review for a prescription for gaviscon to see if that would help as it sounded like the lack of sleep, his body language and cries were possible reflux. I was majorly stressed at the appt, so didnt take much in, Doc agrred and overnight the crying stopped, the next day he slept well but still wanted to feed all evening (pretty much quick nap feed and the cycle continued). He overnight but it was fitful and he sounds a little wheezy and occasionally sneezes but was sleeping - this morning hes fed well, vomittecd during burping on the first feed (I was sooo full) but not slept. hes not really crying now

I feel totally out of my depth and so confused as to what to do, my hv is shit and would just say fed him but I'm not convinced hes feeding cos hes hungry more for comfort (hes got a dummy at the mo). My follow up appt with the doc is in 3 weeks, do I go back earlier? Or could this just be the growth spurt

Thanks for any advice
Nic and Alex 6+2
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