wheelybugs advise desperately needed

Hello everybody,as Petra is one next sunday I am running out of time to ordre 1 in time for her birtday.The thing is,I dont know whwether to get a large or a small one?They say a small one is for 1 to 2,5 years old,but then again large one is suitable from 12 months?There is like 10cm difference in lenghts and heights between them but I just dont know what to do.I dont want to end up with something eithier too small or far to big,anyone has one of these and can advise???Thank you!!!!!!!!!


  • I bought one for my daughter's first birthday two years ago, and first I would hugely recommend them. She loves her's and so do her sisters. I bought a large as my friend had bought her son a small and it seemed a bit too small. The large was a good choice. At just one year old she will need a little help, but tbh she will on a small too, it takes time to develop the coordination, but by 16 months my daughter could ride her's wih confidence, and the small would have been far too small by her second birthday, as it is at three now she still plays with it daily.

    Happy birthday to your lo and have fun!

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