First injections?

What is the general reaction? Do many babies get ill from them? David got his Thursday, im sooo scared lol.. he on anti biotics as it is, so his immunity will be weak, apparently thers a small strain of each bug in the injection....



  • Alfie had a temp and was a little grizzly for the first set and I cried-I know daft sod! The second set went much better he didn't have such raised lumps and wasn't so hot for so long. Am sure Daid will be fine but talk to the hv/nurse/doctor about his antibiotics beforehand. He will be fine and you will too. Good luck for Thursday x
  • When my son had his first injections he was upset for couple of days but had no effects other than that. The nurse told us to give him some Calpol before going and to give him his dummy to suck on. Not sure whether they helped or not but made me feel like I was doing something to help. Hope it goes ok.
  • Lily was absolutely fine after all her injections and had no reaction at all. She was upset straight after the actual injection, but quickly settled back down. I have heard giving calpol just before does help. I never bothered with Lily, but was ready with it when I got back, but never needed to use it. Good luck with them.
  • When Ashton had his first jags he was so upset the only thing that calmed him was a feed and he was clingy all day, however for the second & third jabs I gave him a little calpol about 30 mintues before hand and both times he had a little cry for all of 5 mintues and then was back to his normal self. Can't say for sure if this was because of the calpol but think it certainly helped. xxxx
  • george was just fine! Just slept alot longer on his afternoon nap, was upset striaght after but his dummy helped calm him down!

    He's got his third lot on Monday hoping they go just as well, because it's three this time!
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