A typical day of foods

Can you give me a typical day for your baby in terms of what they eat at each meal please? For example, breakfast is cereal and fruit. Lunch is fruit bread and yoghurt. Dinner is veg and meat. I have written out a vague plan of what I want to be included in each meal so I know I am covering each of the daily requirements but would like to see how you do a typical day so I can see if I am on the right track!! we will be starting three meals a day as of from tomorrow...
Ta! Xx


  • Here's my DS's menue for today image

    Breakfast - porridge with banana mashed into it
    Lunch - purreed lamb, mashed potato & peas, followed by rice pudding with purreed peach
    Dinner - butternut squash & courgettes in a cheese sauce, followed by pears (and fromage frais if still hungry).

    I change it every day though so he gets a good mix of food. HTH xx
  • Heres my DD's for today:
    Breakfast - weetabix and toast
    Lunch - cheese on toast, yoghurt, blueberries and banana
    Dinner - ssge, beans and mash, fromage frias, banana, blueberries and strawberries
    (can you tell she like her fruit !!)
    Hope this helps.
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