C4 Children that don't sleep. Anyone watching?

Just watching this on C4 is anyone else?

Im not sure which I agree with, I dont like the thought of taking EVERYTHING away all in one go but thats just my opinion. I wonder what they will do with Indie the other child.

Any thoughts on this? My daughter has a dummy an a little teddy to sleep with, I didn't think this was too bad but now after seeing that woman take EVERYTHING away Im having 2nd thoughts Lol


  • I watched this, I can see pros and cons in both to be honest. Part of the problem with the twins was that they were so over tired they couldnt sleep. But I thought she was going to be alot harsher than that, it actually didnt seem too bad. Whereas the other method seemed nicer at first but in the end that dad was sitting in the room while the child was crying his eyes out which I thought was worse. I was surprised at how I felt in the end as Im completely anti cc (for me and my baby, not judging anyone elses decisions) and I thought i'd be all for the softly softly approach. It actually didnt seem any easier on the child at all.
  • i didnt really see the difference between the two methods TBH, the apparent soft approach made the baby much more distressed, dont see how it could be nicer than the other?
  • i agree with you piggy pops!! The tough love way was no where as tough as I thought it would be and the other method just seemed bloody cruel in a way!!

    to have the dad sat in the room but not doing anything and the poor boy screaming wasn't particularly nice tv!!

    But I can see how both methods work, it just depends on what suits the parents thinking
  • I have a problem sleeper and I was hoping to get some great tips but found the approches both the same execpt the last one was hideously drawn out and the poor little chap had to be rejected everytime he went to his dad for a cuddle.

    Essentially soft or hard the apprach is, bedtime is bedtime unless they are poorly. Something I wish I was strong enough to do. I did find myself like one mother 'too hot, too cold, thirsty etc etc'. I cried with them though as I really felt thier pain and mine is only 10 months (he has done a few 10 hour stretches but maybe 5 times)
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