going out with oh ALONE this avo ....

hi ladies well as the title says oh and i are off to the pics this avo then goin to grab some tea afterwards .....were going to see marley and me ,im really exited that we have some free time (dont get me wrong i love us all being together but just not having to dash out to change a pooey nappy will be great) the grandparents are having jack and sophia ,were dropping them off at 4 ,showin at 4.50 so hopefully we will have time to get some tea afterwards ...oh gosh for some silly reason i feel a bit nervous ...should i go as i am or put something nice and summery on ???? hmmm why am i thinking so much into it :lol: ....did anyone else feel a bit nervous when they went out for the first time after lo was born??

thanks ladies ....

a nervous but exited lisa (how silly image ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Put something nice and summery on!!

    I felt like a teenager again the first time i went out with DH after Oscar was born - he was about 3 months at the time (Oscar, not hubby hahaha). felt so strange to be in the car and not have a little person in the back, and felt very weird holding hands as one of us is usually pushing a buggy! We've been out a few times now since and i always dress up nicely even if we're just going to the cinema - because i so rarely get the opportunity to wear nice clothes without them being dribbled on, and to remind hubby i'm still his wife and not just a tired grotty mummy! Have fun hun xxxxxx
  • thanks hun ....i have loads to sort out got to pack up some stuff for the kiddi winks ,wouldnt think they were only goin for a couple of hours .... :lol: ...ill look for my nice summery clothes that fit now :roll: ...ooh and a naughtey tea tonight image :lol: ....xxxxxx
  • When my little girl was 3 months my husband and i went out for a meal to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
    We managed to last 3 hours and talked about our LO the whole time!!!
    Have a great time and enjoy yourself, you deserve it x
  • thanks sb and blue vicki i think the fact were goin to the pics helps as im not sure what we could talk about other than our 2 gorgeous children image ...i have put on my new (size 12 image )jeans and pink low cut top ...oh's response was .....................ooh u got ure new matching underwear too :roll: i had to remind him this avo is not all about SEX!!!!! :lol: :lol: anyone would think he'd been starved of it for nearly a year ....oh yes he has image ......... xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hope your having a lovely time!
  • your probably out now but i'll reply anyway. lol

    My first night out with oh i got all pampered and put my best stuff on like it was our first date again. lol. I was a bit nervous because both my kids are proper mummy and daddy magnets and not keen with anyone else so was thinking about them constantly but the time together made us feel so much closer and when we got back to the monkeys they were fine! I'd been worried all night for nothing! lol. Hope you have fun anyway and don't worry too much, because you'll probably get back to the same smiling (not bothered mummy is back) greeting i got. :lol:

    Lisa xxx
  • Ohh have fun, I'm jealous.

    My dream evening (well for now) would be to drop Freya at mum's or MIL before dinner so I haven't got to think about it, I get dressed up and feel great not like a Mummy or wifey. We go to the pictures and have a nice meal and drink after. Get home to a child free place and wake up by my own accord the following morning. But this will not happen this side of six months time as I'm due another baby in 4ish weeks time. In fact I don't think it has ever happend since having Freya 17 months ago,

    Sorry hogging your post now and winging.
    X X X
  • Oooh, hope you had a great time! We haven't been out yet, but when Riley finishes bfing I might take the plunge and spend some time with hubby alone. Was the film good? xxx
  • thanks for ure replies ladies we had a lovely time ,film was great but boy did i cry ...and dan even shed a few tears! ...if u r at all emotional do not go and see marley and me :lol: ...we went for an all u can eat chinese afterwards and were both just goin back and forth for more ....all was well until ........oh took a bite of what he thought was a chicken ball and it was a king prawn image :lol: ..teach him to read the signs before he dives in image ...we then had to leave cos he felt sick but it was ok cos on our way back we got a call from grandma saying jack was crying for us so it was a good job we left ........it was nice to have some free time and hopefully we will do it again in a couple of weeks image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Glad you had a nice time, it gets easier as they get older (as long as your OH avoids prawns!).

    I'm going to see Marley and Me next week, i'm not a crier but my friend is useless so by the sounds of it she's going to be inconsolable!
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