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Hi Girls

Jaimi-Lee will be 6 weeks on Sat and she has her 6 week check on Monday. I phoned the doc to make an appointment for my 6 week check and i dont get one!! I thought we all did after giving birth??!!
The whole point of wanting to see a doc is to discuss going back on the pill. I have made an appmnt for wednesday anyway, but my HV said i didnt need to make one. So what have i to do about the pill?
I still have 2 packets of my pill, will i start taking that again? or should i wait until i have a period? I stopped bleeding last week after giving birth, but no sign of period yet.
I dunno what to do, is it safe just to continue with my original pill now?

Sharon x


  • hi mrs j! thats a bit rubbish, i didnt get a 6 week check, instead Evie & I are getting an 8 week check together on monday when i take her for her first injections (eeek i am so nervous!)
    i thought everyone had to have a check to make sure everything has gone back to normal and to get the pill etc
    im having a smear at mine on monday as well.

    cant believe you've only just finished bleeding- how pants! i still havent had a period yet and evie is 8 weeks on sunday!

  • jessica is 9 weeks today, no period either.
  • I got a 6 week check but it was crap they did not even check me or nothing just asked a few questions then checked Olivia but not fully it was rubbish really.


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  • I got a 6 week check by my daughter didnt. I live in Northern Ireland and the check was only for myself and discussed going back on the pill. That was it. I bled for 5 weeks then took my period 2 weeks later and that is when I started the pill again.
  • i too live in northern ireland but ellie got a check & i didn't it's weird! i was asked a few questions and that was it. i found it strange especially as i'd had an em csection xx
  • and i live in northern ireland too!! I got a 6 week check and lo got checked at 8 weeks when she got her first injections.
  • Yes Kara got her check at her 8 week jags as well. Its crazy how things are different in different places. Its a wonder they can't keep everything the same throughout.
  • Me and Tegan both got checked at 8 weeks, and discussed different contraception then. I can't believe that your area does not offer them, i thought they were routine xx
  • we get an 8 wk check here too when sophia has her injections ...i need to register her at the docs but have lost the form ...yikes !!...its terrible that u dont get one stoopid people of course u should have 1 to check ure bp etc before u go back on the pill ......urrggghh i dont want to go back on the pill but the other options dont thrill me either ...lol ....i only stopped bleeding last week too after 5 weeks of it and no period yet ,thankfully xxxx
  • I am in aberdeen and i didnt get 6 week check either. quite glad to hear i am not the only one. HV just said to make an app with doc if i needed to discuss anything.
    Jodie did get 6 week check but was very quick check of eyes ears tummy and hips - she didnt even get weighed.
    I too had 5 weeks of bleeding then first period at 7 weeks. just finished but not decided on contraception yet either!
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