Up to her old tricks!

I haven't had an 'funny' letters off the MIL for a while until today! And she sent it recorded delivery! LOL. As per the other ones she goes on about wanting to see Lily (we have never stopped her) and that she will buy anything we need from little things like nappies to big things - what is wrong with her I don't know. We both work and can afford to buy nappies! Then she she goes on that she would love to see Lily and that it has been a year since we went to vsist her (lie as we went last June when I was pregnant and she lives a 3 1/2 hours drive away now not something I fancied doing with Lily over the winter and she has been to our house to see Lily so have no idea why she is moaning again!!!!!!)

The woman is loopy. Have told hubby and he can't believe her sending it recorded delivery. She really winds me up. Why does she keep sending me these letters??? It makes me NOT want to bother going to visit her!

Sorry ladies but I needed to vent my anger!

Hope you are all well.


  • :lol: i feel for you.

    My mil saw Ollie (had him overnight) at the start of jan, and that with other things in between meant i didn't want her coming up between then and the end of jan when it looks like were going to have to go see her anyway (an overnight stay) but she still managed to worm her way up last night when she was 'in the area' - she lives 40 miles away - and she called round just as we got home and it was Ollie's tea time. So naturally Ollie wouldnt eat anything at all! She got him all worked up and hyper so he wouldnt go to sleep either, and OH left when they did as he was out for the night, leaving me with a starving boy refusing food doing cartwheels around the room and screaming..... :roll:

    at least you can rip the letters up and throw them away, or maybe send them to the police and tell them she is harassing you...?

    sorry, no help there really.
  • Why do mil's have to be such pains!

    We've upset dh's parents because they didn't get to see us all on christmas day even though we invited them to us and before christmas didn't make a fuss about it.

    Every year we're invited for a special meal when it's someone in the family's birthday, we havn't been invited to his dads or his brothers so far this year...........and his mum had the cheek to text my dh the day before his brothers birthday saying 'are they going to see us over the weekend?' Would have nicer if she'd just invited us over!

    We all need to rememer not to turn into our mother in laws! :lol:

    Does she invite you over or just expect you to invite yourselves?

    Knowing about the other letters, I'd say try to ignore it but thsats easier said than done!
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