At what age..

around about do babies go to having only 2 bottles milk in the morning and night?


  • Sam went down to 2 milk feeds at 9 months, but I replaced the afternoon feed with a snack.

    I know of some babies that are still having 3 bottles at 12 months though.

  • Alyssa is 6 months 1 week and shows no interest in any of her bottles at all, i manage to get 5 down her in a morning and 6 before bed but really struggle with anything in between she had a total of 12ozs today 5 in the morn, 6 at bed and 1 at 3pm i offer her it all the time but she just cries and refuses?!?

    Thank you for the reply xx
  • Seth is 9 months and is down to 2 bottle mostly. One at 2.30pm and one at bed time. He is not very interested in his morning one these days, he has water with his breakfast and occasionally he'll take 5oz at 8.30am ish other times refuses point blank to drink any of it!
  • Emilia can be like this with her afternoon bottle. Although she does have two quite big bottles in the morning and evening. Cheese sauces and yoghurts are a godsend!

    These baies and their milk!! Have you tried changing to follow on milk? I changed Emilia's yesterday and she seems to like it better...just a thought?? x

    Joanna x
  • really does vary, my hv said at ds 12month check that he should still be having roughly a pint a day (so depends on how large each feed is really).. ds is 15.5months now and still has 6oz in the morning, 6oz in the afternoon and 8oz at bedtime (plus snacks and meals obviously) which surprises me really as he's only little (9th centile/21lb) but he can't half put his food away, no idea where it all goes lol

  • It really depends on how much solids they're taking.

    There's a lady at waterbabies whos baby dropped to just one milk feed (BF) at night at just 6 1/2 months old! She started weaning her at 5 1/2 months doing purees.

    We've just changed from BLW to mainly purees and a little finger foods (on advice from HV for various reasons) and Lyvi is now having 5 BFs a day instead of 6 or 7. HV wants me to cut that down to 4 by next week.

    Are you just doing BLW now?

    Love NN xx
  • Our HV said that baby should have 20oz a day until they are a year old - but it's impossible to apply the same rules to each baby! We've got the opposite problem with Cam in that he'll quite happily have 3 large meals, a snack , 45 oz milk + boob if he was allowed (which he's not anymore lol!). If Alyssa is happy with just two bottles i'd give it a go and you can always sneak milk in in other ways to up the overall daily oz! xx
  • i had a chat with my HV about this last week as LO doesnt take the reccomended amount in milk but after going through his solids i was reassured he was getting enough as we have a lot of dairy in his diet, breakfast has a few oz of milk, a yogurt contains a couple of oz, then theres cheese which he has, so with his solids we are almost at the amout we should be x
  • We are mostly feeding purees and finger foods now if we have spag bol i will puree the bol but give her the pasta pieces, mainly because she does not want milk and is not eating much when BLW so we are mostly on purees now i am trying to giove her lots of yoghurt and cheese sauces and i will make her porrdige up with formula,

    Yeah Jo i switched to follow on the day she turned 6 months it seems to have improved her reflux a little not sure why? but she still couldn't care less about it would much rather suck a little then blow it back at me or chew the teat,

    this morning she drank 2oz then had 4 in her porridge.

    She has 3 meals now so hopefully i am making it up with other dairy products!

    I'm going to skip her 11 o clock bottle today and see if it makes her more interested in her 2.30.

    Thank you for all the replys xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Alyssa (beautiful name btw!) sounds soooooo similar to Beth. Never interested in milk but still thriving!

    It has taken me 10 months but I am finally feeling more chilled out about this. She went through a few weeks of literally only about 4-6oz a day and was fine. Still slept through, still happy and active.

    Anyway, to answer your question. She went down to 3 bottles a day at about 6 months. Then down to just 2 a day at about 7 months I think. For weeks I would always offer the 2.30/3ish bottle but she would only take about 1oz so HV said to just not bother!

    At 10 months she now takes 5-6oz first thing (only 3oz today though - sigh!) and then 5-7oz at bedtime. I don't even give snacks now as I noticed that these massively put her off her meals so now it's 3 meals and 2 bottles and that's it! This suits her, she still never cries for food/bottle so although I'd love her to have more I can't really force her so am learning to just go with it.

  • I am so glad you posted this. I dont have a text book baby....sometimes he has 2 milk feeds, other times (teething or poorly) he likes 3 bottles. He is 9 months and has gone from 2 milk feeds back to 3....however he is having the same amount just split into 3. I stressed about it for a while and then thought - actually what does it matter.........I am sure when he goes to nursery in Sept (he will be 1)...he will start doing what they impliment rather than what I have tried to anyhow

    K x
  • well i didnt offer the 11 o clock bottle just lunch at 11.45 and she ate it all up where as if i offered her milk first she would take 2oz on a good day and not want her solids she wolfed her lunch down so i will see how she goes with the 2.30 feed,

    So 3 bottles a day from now on and her 3 meals.

    Thank you Beth not many people pronounce it right even after i tell them her name grrrrr!!
    She is definatly very similar to your little girl i guess i just need to stop stressing she is still sleeping and happy and not hungry so i guess i ignore the rules of the HV?!?!

    Thank you xx

  • Sounds like you're doing the right thing.

    In all the books it says to offer solids AFTER milk when baby isn't really hungry but my HV actually advised me to ignore this and give her the solids when she's due a feed and just top up with a BF if needed. We've been doing this since Thursday and it is working perfectly! Lyvi is now eating SO much, I can't believe it!

    Every baby is different and the 'text book rules' aren't always going to work so follow your instincts like you are :\)

    Love NN xxx
  • Glad the follow on is helping her reflux, that will prob make her a little more interested. I think when the milk hurts their tummy, they soon learn to stop drinking it.

    How did the 2:30 bottle go?

    Like NN said, it sounds like dropping the 11 am bottle is the right thing. We dropped ours when I started giving Emilia meat, cheese and pasta last week. She is fine, and I am sure Alyssa will be too xxx
  • I've got the opposite problem - DS is 9 months and still on 4 bottles a day!
  • She had 2 ozs at the 2.30 feed so it hasnt really made her anymore interested?!?
    will see tomorrow i think you are right Jo she defo knows that the milk is making her vomit so she doesn't want it!!

  • Maybe others will disagree with me on this, but you know yourself when something gives you are sore tummy, you dont want to have it again. I am sure it is the same for the babies. Especially now they are weaning, and know there is something more yummy on offer!

    Good luck this afternoon xx
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