millie wont take her bottles properly! she started doing it on xmas day she will start crying after about 2oz but sometimes will start as soon as i put the bottle in her mouth sometmes even b4! i dont know whats wrong with her!! she will go up to 7 hours without one in the day and she use to go every 3 hours 4 at the most?? she is on number 3's ( tommee tippee) shes on cow and gate comfort so its thicker, shes been on 3s for about 6 weeks and was fine, but its like she will guzzle it down to fast and then it will go down the wrong way and she'll start crying and not take anymore? she managed 5oz a min ago but i had to change the teat to number 2 again. shall i just keep her on number 2's til she starts taking it properly again. sometimes she will take 3oz and not cry but just push it out and start cooing its like shes not bothered anymore. shes just over 17 weeks and is being weaned shes had 2 meals 2day and ate the lot!! i didnt make her anymore up as she had quite a bit! but shes been having food for over a week and has always took her bottles fine i dont know whats wrong with her? she was having about 25oz a day then went to 30oz when she had a growth spurt i've no idea what shes taking now prob around 20ish. shes had 12oz so far today but that was a stuggle. any ideas??

jane +millie 17 weeks xx


  • sorry not sure about bottle feeding but if she is happy with number 2 teats then i see no problem using them.

    Maybe her teeth are also bothering her and doesn't want anything in her mouth?? x
  • she has been teething for a month now but they haven't seemed to be bothering her for a while. i only tried the number 2 an hour ago and she took it but may have just been a one off! hope not! xx
  • do u think that might be it?? cos shes always had her bottles quite warm but i have found that she'll drink her milk better if its colder so maybe it is her teeth? she had been teething for over a month now but normally she'll bit on her hand all the time and she hasnt been doing this for a week so i thought maybe they had stopped hurting?? i have been putting the gel on her teeth i hope it will work!! i have got both teats ready so i can use either! so she does struggle to get it out of number 2's but maybe its easier for her not coming out so quick if it is hurting her teeth?? she does seem to cry sometimes even b4 she drinks any milk? but she will eat all her food does this not effect her teething? xx
  • If it gets major, maybe try a different bottle? A friend of mine started using the tommee tippee bottles which we love using but her LO did the same thing as yours and refused the teat, but the Avent ones she loved. Maybe its the shape of the teat? xxx
  • millies been taking her bottle ok now but only 3oz instead of 5 or 6. shes just pushes it out and starts talking. she has a cold so i think she just might not be feeling like it! although she is still having all her food had her breakfast this moring so i'm not worrying too much. she stops around 3oz with teat 2 or 3 now so i dont think it is the teats. xx
  • bless her. it could be cold and teeth rolled into 1! could you try some variflow teats if you worried about them? hope shes feeling better soon xx
  • tried them b4 they r much wider and she gags on them so they r no good xx
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