is my baby right?

Im worried about harrisons behaviour.he is very active and only stops to eat and sleep. He doesnt really have tantrums but moans when he doesnt get his own way. does anyone else have a very active child that is sometimes a quite difficult. im starting to worry that he has a disorder like adhd?? or do i just have a normal 1yr old? also does anyone else lo shake the side of the cot? xxx


  • My LO is only 7 mths so havent got there yet, but gotta say, this sounds like a normal 1yr old exited explorer to me. I dont know much about ADHD - but I would guess that if he had this to some degree he would find it difficult to slow down and stop to eat - he would eat on the run so to speak.

    I know that you can just have the hyperactivity symptoms from different addatives and colourants in food. Could this be something to look into? I know that orange colourings made me bad when I was a baby. Now I have issues with caffiene, if I have too much (3 cans coke in a day for example) I can come accross as being intoxicated and when I can sleep afterwards I have the worst of hangovers LOL.

  • my lo is 7 months and he very hypoactive!! he always has been!! he never stops alwyas crawling and even walking along the long corner sofa we have and pulls his self up on units and chairs etc, he only stops too eat and thats it! he wont even nap he takes hugee effort to make him go to sleep! lol its even crosssed my mind that he could have adhd even family members have said ow hes alwyas on the go and thats why no body will baby sit him lol xx
    can imagen how knackerd you must be xx
  • sounds like harris entering toddlerhood!!!! image image xxxxxx
  • sounds like a normal 1 year old boy to me babe my son was and at 6 is still the same he just has so much energy x
  • Im not too knackered to be honest just feel a little tired towards the days end which is normal for all of us. Perhaps i just have a very acctive little monkey lol xx
  • sunnymum i know harrison and evie are about the same age, she's 13 and a half month and EXACTLY the same! She never ever stops and her attention span is pretty short, she will sit still and quiet to eat, or to watch something on tele, like night garden or if she's very tired she'll sit for cuddles.

    I took her to a babygroup yesterday and whilst the other kids sat and played evie just flitted from one toy to another, one end of the room to the other and i found it impossible to keep her attention on any one toy long enough to play properly with it!

    I'm not worried though, i think they are at the age where they are curious about everything, and now they are able to walk about it's like freedom! they also seem to have so much energy but generally that's not a bad thing, and i expect evie to calm down over the next year!

  • :lol:
    Ollie is like that too, and has been since he could walk. He runs around now, playing with twenty toys a second :lol:
    sometimes he even has to be on the move to eat, or have something in his hands to manipulate....

    it is tiring, and wont get any easier with no2 on the way image but its just a normal toddler behaviour - they're learning so fast at this point that everything is exciting to them all at the same time.

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