What can i get hubby for his birthdya from toby?

I am all out of ideas!


  • Haha, I need a b'day present idea for DH from our Toby as well!! I only have 2 weeks left...

    We had Father's Day a few weeks ago (I'm overseas and they have it at a different time of year) and I got DH a couple of really cute books, "Just Like My Dad" and "Why I Love My Daddy" for DH to read TOby at bedtime. The Why I love my Daddy one had a spot at the end where you insert a pic of DH and LO together and DH loved it. He reads it to Toby at every opportunity, lol!

    I made a photobook recently as a little story book about Toby's first six months - I intended it to be for Toby but it was so cute and DH really loved the pages that he featured in eg I had a pic of DH giving T a bath and another one in the baby bjorn and the story started with Daddy giving Toby a bath before they set off on an adventure etc - corny but he loved it. You could do one that is just about your DH and Toby in a similar vein. If Boots are still doing that promo could be a cheap option too!
    Ummm can't think of anything else but will be watching this thread with selfish interest!!!
  • http://www.keepitpersonal.co.uk/silver-personalised-family-photo-keyring-p-255.html

    Got this for hubs for Chrimbo last year - inscribed with I love my daddy xxx
  • Hi, My h2b's bday is next month and I have been thinking of things to get him. I have just had (what I think is) a good idea image

    How about an engraved pen from your lo? If your dh works in an office it could be something he would use everyday.

    My h2b is starting a new job soon so seems a good idea for me.

    Em x image
  • thank you ladies - i have left it too late for the engraving ideas but i have bought "ju.st like my dad" it arrived yesterday and is gorgeous - after my blubber day yesterday i had a few more tears reading it!

    I love the silver keyring too and hubby does work in an office so a pen i think is what i am going to get him for christmas
    Wondering f i can get something like

    " with every letter you write i love you more Daddy"

    what do you think? x
  • yay for Just Like My Dad!! And your planned inscription - I'm getting teary now...got to pull myself together!!
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