Center Parcs and swimming

Hi, has anyone here been to centre parcs with their lo?

We are going next month and have never taken our baby William swimming before, he will be 7 months. What do we need to take for the pool? I have been looking at armbands. Would he need a wetsuit to keep warm?

Thanks xxx


  • We took out little girl to Center Parks a couple of months ago (she was 7 months then) and she loved it. My husband takes her swimming most Saturday mornings so she already has a little wet suit but a swim suit would probably be fine as it's quite warm in the tropical paradise. We bought an inflatable seat for her to use in the pool. It was really useful and would definitely recommend one, we put her in it and she happily floated around even when the wave machine came on.
    Hope you have a good time x
  • hey,

    we went at the end of jan, I just put my lo in a swimming suit (and swim nappy) and she was fine as it's fairly warm. I wouldn't buy a wetsuit just for it especially as they are expensive and wont fit for long!

    we got a swim ring - best price we found was ??10 in tescos for a zogg one. We also got some armbands but they were a bit of a waste of money to be honest.

    I used 1 swim nappy per swimming session but always took spares. We spent no longer than an hour in the swimming area in one go but you can spend hours there if you set yourselves up at a table and chairs.

    We left a towel in the locker and my dh got it when we wanted it but if you think you may sit around the pool one with a hood would be handy.

    Louise was bought a tracksuit for xmas, it was greatt to have something with a hood on and get her dressed quickly after swimming.

    We took a waterproof camera to capture her first time swimming!

    Oh, and I found boots swim nappies useless!! I got wee'd on a couple of times - yuk!!!

    the parc-marcet had everything you could want for a baby if you forget anything! inc tommee tippee branded things.

    yell if u have any other q's - which one are you going to? we went to elveden.
  • Hey, thanks for your replies ladies! I will get a swim ring and that's a good idea about the hooded towel. We are going to Sherwood, can't wait! We went to Elveden two years ago and really enjoyed it but we wanted a change this time. I'm sure I will have more q's Loopy - will yell as and when I think of them xxx
  • We took Charlotte (now 13 months) in September and are going again in May. Like Loopy Lou said a swim ring & hooded towel is perfect to take. Tesco do good swim nappies.
    You will love it and so will your lo!! Charlotte didn't want to get out of the water!
    I found it easier to get us all changed into swim gear at the villa first inc lo in swim nappy & cossie. Then when you get there you aren't all faffing about getting changed etc and lo can get in the pool quicker!
  • I'm going to sherwood forest in three weeks and i cant wait to take Evie swimming, hope you have a lovely tiime xxxxxx
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