Scariest night of my life also in BIM.

Last week we have all had colds, luckily we had got away with not passing it onto Kieran (7 weeks) or so we thought...until yesterday when he started to become a little more snuffly.
Last night he slept through what would of been his last feed before bed and didnt have a bath as he was so tired.
I just put it down to the heat and left him to snooze, as I was sure that one missed feed would do him no harm.
At around 12pm he woke for his feed and was even more snuffly and a bit blocked in his nose. I managed to get some of the blockage out with some tissue and popped him some saline nasal drops in..and then thats when it all began!
The poor little might started to produce lots of saliva and was coughing like mad when I put him back down to sleep in his basket. He couldn't sleep for love nor money through the counghing and snuffling. By now his little eyes were running and he felt hot and clammy.
My husband rang NHS direct for a little advice. They told us to prop his basket up and they would get the oncall doctor to ring.
We did this and then spoke to the doctor who said we could take him in to be looked at if we felt he needed to be seen. By then though he had settled a little better and I didnt want to disturb his sleep again, so left him to see how he was at his next feed.
At 3pm I woke to hear this kind of gurgling noise. I looked straight in his basket only to find him choking!!
Jesus I have never moved so quickly in all my life!! I grabbed him out of his basket and slung him over my shoulder at the speed of lightening! Patting his back like crazy he finally spat out a load of saliva. He returned to a more normal colour.
I told my husband to ring the out of hours and to tell them we were coming straight in.
By now from all the excitement Kieran had filled his nappy, so I layed him on the bed to change him, but as I did so he started choking again halfway through. There was just no way of laying him down without him choking.
I had no idea how to dress him as it was 4am by now, but was still warmish outside. So I ended up just popping him some pyjamas on over his vest and a thin blanket (he had been sleeping in just a vest coz of the heat).
Afetr managing to get him into his car seat without the drama of choking anymore on his saliva, we headed off to hospital.
When we got there we were greeted by our neighbour who is a nurse and was on call. Bless her she was fab. She checked his chest which was all clear and just advised us to keep doing what we were doing and maybe pop him into a steamy room to try and clear a bit of the congestion.
We got home in the end at around 5:30. I put him in his bouncy chair to sleep downstairs so he was more propped up.
He has just woken for a feed bless him and seems a little better than he was. Managed to lay him down to change him.

I have never been so scared in all my life! xx

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  • Poor thing hope he's better soon. My lo has had a horrendous cough since he was 5 weeks (he's 17 weeks now!) and he would be coughing and choking that much he'd be turning a bluey/purple colour & it's so scarey! I've gotten used to it a little now and its just the norm but I still have times when I really panic with it.
    Hope he's all better soon xxx
  • It's awful isn't it. It makes it worse as you that if they could just have a good cough and spit it out they would be fine, but being so small they just can't and anything that comes up just goes down again x
  • I just saw this on FB. How scary for you hun.

    Glad he seems a little better now. xx
  • Poor little man I hope he feels better soon, steam is great I always sit in the bathroom with Dylan on my knee when his daddy has a shower when Dylans a bit bunged up, it really helps! Either that or vicks in a bowl in the same room also helps.

  • Oh no it must have been scary Hun, glad he's ok.
    We kept a small towel underneath my DD's matress in her Moses basket when she was younger and evennow in her cot she has a cot wedge to raise her head - she sleeps better and is far less snuffly.
    Steam is great too!
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