Blood Tests - I have never felt so cruel :'(

Bit of a pointless post but thought id update!

Due to the constant issue with Alfie's eczema, we were sent for blood tests yesterday to see if we could determine if it was down to an allergy. The phlebotomist (sp) couldnt find a vein anywhere, and didnt want to try if she couldnt get it first time, so sent for the paed. I have never experienced something so horrific. As his skin is so tough, she also couldnt find a vein. She tried his hand but just couldnt get anything so had to try his foot. She eventually got some blood but he has never screamed like it. He sobbed, I sobbed. It took ages to calm him down, only to have to go through the whole thing again with Ryan! Thankfully, Daddy came too, couldnt have done it on my own. The injections werent that bad really so wasnt prepared for this.

On a different note, while Alfie was having his done, Ryan was really getting upset. I knew he was tired but didnt think much else of it. Then, when Ryan had his done, and Alfie had calmed down, as soon as the needle went in (Ryan was much easier as his skin isnt affected nearly as bad) Alfie screamed out again. I never believed all the talk that identical twins feel eachothers pain and have a connection but this was a huge coincidence if not! image


  • Hey Gemmiebaby

    I can totally empathise with you about the blood tests. When Niamh was first born she became jaundice and it wouldn't go away. We were in hospital for 8 days with it. I could just about cope with the heel prick tests they kept doing so they test her billirubin levels but they then decided to start investigations to see what might be causing the jaundice and they had to take loads of blood and struggled to find veins! It was so awful seeing her being used as a human pin cushion! And the stupid paeds lost her blood once and let it clot to much on another occassion so they kept coming back to get more blood!!!

    Bless Ryan and Alfie feeling each others pain! Fingers crossed the results come back with some answers for you xxx
  • Its awful, my ds1 had bloods done at 15 months and ds2 at 3 weeks. Its so traumatic for the parents, never mind the babies.

    Big hugs to you all

    Gemm x
  • I can sympathise. I had sepsis during labour so when Benjamin had a mild fever at 3 days old he had to have blood taken, a canula fitted so he could have iv antibiotics, and a lumbar puncture. His screams still haunt me. I felt so guilty that my infection had caused that, even though infection was from waters breaking early.

    If it helps, your boys will forget it, only you will remember. Hope the results show something.
  • My LO also has eczema...what are these tests????
  • oh gemma, i am so sorry about this, i hope your boys are ok. I hope you get the results soon, when are they expected? I was offered it for lizzie but at 3 months old i refused but have been told she will definatly need them as she is showing signs of other allegies/intolerences (strawberrys,kiwis,mango and have now been told to avoid other citrus fruit) so will need to know exactly what she can and cant have and will need to blood test to support the docs decision that it is a cmpi/LI. they arent sure if its pone, the other or both!
  • I really feel for you, it's awful even though you know it will help them.

    When my DS was 11 weeks old he got a really bad virus and ended up in hospital for tests. They couldn't get a canula in and it took three attempts. I was supposed to be holding him still but DH had to take over as I was shaking so much at the distress he was in.

    I felt guilty for some stupid reason as I couldn't warn him about how bad it would be.

    I guess the positive is that hopefully the results will help him feel better in the long term.
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