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Hi my DD is 91/2 months and we currently have the ikea highchair which i love however she is now climbing out of it as there is only a lap strap holding her in so am after recommendations for another highchair. Am looking for something that folds up easily for storage in between meals as i dont have alot of space.

Any help would be great or any advice on how to stop a determined little girl climbing out of the one we already have.

Just to add i never leave her alone in her highchair but i dont want her to learn that its acceptable to climb out of it so am looking for something a little safer.

Thanks for your help.

MicMic and Grace


  • We have the Cosatto Noodle and the boys (and I) love it. We have to store 2 so needed something that folded quite compactly, which these arent too bad for. They arent tiny though!

    Have you thought about maybe getting a portable one? I bought 2 'Munchkin' portable highchairs (??20 each from Wilkinsons). They strap onto a normal chair and, although they dont have shoulder straps, they do have 3 point harnesses that hold them quite secure. Dont know if this might be a stop gap until you can get her less interested in climbing! Plus, you can then take them out with you, to parents/friends etc (weve bought them as my mum and stepmum have them for a day each when im at work and I needed something they could use that would save me buying 4 more highchairs!!)

    Sorry, ive rambled but just a thought?
  • Thanks for your reply Gemma, the portable highchair sounds like a great idea will get looking at them tomorrow, does it give them the height to sit and eat up at the table?
    Think i might go for this option and then can go back to the ikea one when she is bored of climbing which im hoping is very very soon!!!

  • The Munchkin ones I bought are height adjustable. They have feet that make them higher, which you just slot back in once they are tall enough. They say from 12 months but I sat Ryan in it today (only bought them today!) and he loved it (and theyre not sitting totally independently yet but seemed fine in this). I sat him at the breakfast bar and he was too high, without the feet, so I presume with the feet he would be perfect for the dining table??

    My sister in law moved around a lot (including abroad) and used one of these for her lo all the time as she couldnt keep transporting a larger highchair and, if I remember rightly, she always sat at the table with us to eat.

    Might be an idea as an interim??
  • Thanks Gemma im sold sounds like it would be perfect for us at the moment.
    Hope you and the boys are well
  • Hi hun you are welcome to our blue and white one if you can remember what it is like. She won't be able to escape as straps are good, but might be a bit bulky. dunno what make it is as it was given to us, but its fully washable etc. But it is bulky it folds up but still on the big side. Could you not store it in your big cupboards by the door? anyhoo i'll call you later, i won't be at all offended if you don't want it x x x

  • Oh bugga! I thought it was bad enough with my 8.5 mo trying to climb off the change table every time he is up there!! We have the same ikea high chair, and if your lo is trying to climb out I can bet your bottom dollar that my monkey will find a way too!!! Thanks for highlighting this.. will be keeping an even closer eye on him now!

    Hope you find something that keeps Grace happy but safe - I shall most likely be following in your footsteps ;\)
  • Thanks mez for the offer but think im gonna go for the portable option. (my cupboards are full to the brim with crap!!!)

    Mummabear - i love the ikea highchair just wish is had a better safety strap. I cant believe she managed to get out of it, she did it so confidently like she had been doing it for ages and once she did it the once that was it she was off!!! Good luck keeping your LO in it he sounds like a climbing monkey like mine!!
  • Oh no!!!! I've just bought this Ikea highchair (yet to use it) for my almost 10 month old!!!! aaaggghhhh! x
  • My LO (9.5 months) climbed out of his Ikea highchair a few weeks ago, right in front of me (luckily he wasn't bothered in the slightest) but I have managed to attach a pair of safety reins to it (through the lap belt holes and he can no longer escape. Feel much happier with him in it and it only cost me a few pounds for a pair of reins.

    Hope this helps
    Jo x
  • We've got the Cossato Hi-Lo highchair from Babies R Us, also height adjustable, and free standing when folded.

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