settling in at childminders

Those of you that use a minder for your LO's, what sort of settling period did you have? How did you manage it?

Em x


  • hi there.

    i started my son at a childminders when he was 6 months old (i was supposed to be going back to work when he was 7-8 months old, but it didnt end up happening) he was very clingy and i thought i better get him started sooner rather than later. it started that he would just go to her twice a week for an hour, this went on for a week or two, then started a couple of hours twice a week. to be honest it took him a while to settle, id say about 3 months, i mean from about 3 months he is absolutly fine with her, somthimes cries a little when i leave but only for about half a minute then he is fine. but the first 3 months were hard, she said he cried pretty much the whole time for a week or two, then for the next couple of months he would cry but if she held him he was ok. i wanted lo to go to a minder as he wouldnt go to anyone except me, oh and my mum, and i thought it would do him good, and its been brilliant, now he is settled in he will go to other people more and enjoyed being with the minder!

    ashy x
  • hi em!

    Toby did 28 hours settling in. This consisted of a few 2 hr sessions a few 3 hour sessions - he has done 2 6 hour sessions and has a full day next tuesday.

    He will go to the child minder 8-6 on a tuesday and 12-6 on a friday - we will most prob have to increase this but at the moment we wil manage on this.

    Hope it all goes well - i muich [referred childminder to nursery - the price is really no different but they are much more flexible and he is in a home instead of somewhere with strip lighting!

    HTH x
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