Exercise while TTC

Just looking for some advice. I have been trying to lose weight and get fit over the last year or so. I came off the pill in Nov 09 and I wondered if it was still safe to exercise at the same level. Currently I do body pump, pilates and I go to the gym. I'm worried if I do fall pregnant that in the very early stages I may do more harm than good. Am I right to be worried, or do the benefits outweigh any negatives?:\?


  • Hi hon
    THey say you are safe to exercise as long as you don't do more than you would usually. Ie Paula Radcliffe was ok to run marathons as her body is used to it but don't take on anything new. The healthier you are the better you will feel when pregnant and the less weight you put on the less you have to lose!
    Good luck TTC!
  • Throughout ttc I continued to do pilates, step and aerobic classes. The only thing I did do differently, was in the 2ww I didn't go at it full blast, still worked up a sweat but took it a bit easier when bouncing about. I actually continued to do this right through to 30 weeks and I'm sure it helped me get my shape back. Hope that makes sense xx
  • Cheers for the replies ladies, that's put my mind at rest image
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