constipated baby?!?!? UPDATE

I think Evan is suffering from constipation, but im not sure what is causing it. I feel awful cos i feel that there's nothing i can do for him apart from rub his tummy. :\(

He's currently bottlefed formula (ready made SMA gold) and i also express some breast milk for him and have been for 2wks now. I express enough for 2 feeds a day. Could it be the formula milk that we're giving him?

Has anyone elses LO suffered from constipation?

Lisa & Evan (2wks 3days)

We've been giving him some cooled boiled water & he seemd to have a good 'baby style' poo yesterday. But last night between 9 and 11.30 he would not settle - he kept screaming, so we think he's starting with colic.
DH went out to Tecso's at 11pm to get some infacol and we've been giving it to Evan before every feed. Hopefully this will help settle the colic.
Think i might have a look for the colic & constipation milk and give it a try.
Im not sure if that the combination of breast milk and formula milk is confusing his tummy. xx

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  • Hi,

    Our lo was constipated on SMA old. We swapped to Aptamil and have rarely had a problem. We just give him water more often now he's on solids if he starts getting a bit bunged up - make sure it's fresh boiled water cooled down if you do decide to give water. I'd try swapping the formula first though.
  • you can offer bubba water if they are bottle fed xxx

    old wives tale - tea spoon of sugar in water - natural laxative xxx
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