Won't settle to sleep - please help!!

My LO is 15 weeks and has always been very good at going to sleep when we put her down at 7pm. However, the past couple of weeks she refuses to sleep - or I'll put her down asleep after her feed and she'll wake up within about 20 mins and will not settle back down. I feel like we've tried everything - rocking her to sleep, walking her, feeding her again and even leaving her to cry on a couple of occasions but even when she drops off to sleep in our arms, as soon as we put her back in the cot she is awake and screaming again.

(BTW she self settles brilliantly for her daytime naps when I put her down awake)

I'm at my wits end not knowing what to do - I got to the stage last week where I had to bring her downstairs as it was 9pm and we hadn't had dinner. We just put her in her bouncer and she was wide awake. We've even put her in her pram and walked her around the park (something I thought I'd NEVER do!!) a couple of evenings. It's getting me really stressed out because I think she needs to be sleeping at this time and also - selfishly - I'd really like our evenings back!!

I asked the HV about it and he said that it's quite common at about 1819 weeks. Has anyone had this before at around the 14/15 week stage and any suggestion on what to do - please tell me it will pass!

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