Working tax credit

Can anyone tell me how much you get if working over 16 hours please. Currently im due to go back for 9.5 hours but am thinking of upping it if its worth it.
Thanks in advance!


  • you can only claim working tax if you are working more than 16 hours,
  • yes, i am considering upping my hours to over 16 if the amount of working tax credit makes it worth doing.
  • it depends on how much you earn (and OH) and what other benefits etc you get.
    Last year because only OH worked we got quite a lot, this year, even tho we'll be bringing in less than last year, because I'm working we get nowhere near as much, and its all child tax credit.

    You wont know unless you claim for it. Or try their 'do I qualify' thing on HMR site

  • i dont get so i dont work 16 hours lol, i did think about upping it but we weren't entitled! my friend gets she also gets here child minder paid as well in total she gets about ??500 a month
  • my oh salary is ??13000 a year working 37 hrs a week and ill be going back to work in 2 weeks doing 30 hrs a week on min wage and we will no longer be entitled to any working tax credits, its out of order, as if we are being penalised becuase we both work.
  • Well i gtot told a while ago i should be claiming - i hadn't realised as thought it was when i went back to work. Rang them up and they took some details over phone and said that i would be entitled and approx how much he said ??20 ish a week but then you get sent a form - which i filled in and sent back its based on what you earned the last financial year... i now get ??90 evey 4 weeks... the prob is friends of mine have previously been given it then year later told they have been over paid and had to pay back... this worries me!
    get on the phone and see... oh and yes i think when you set up childcare you do a change of circumstances and you can have a contribution xx
  • Try the website '' i found it very helpful x
  • It is worth claiming for as its mone in your pocekt. Just be careful, I have three kids and every year since I've been claiming I've been overpaid and have always had to pay back money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still having problems with them and its like trying to get blood out of a stone. Deal with it now and get what you are entitled too.
  • thats what worries me about being overpaid... how can this happen when you give them all the correct information???
  • hi ya we have been told a couple of times that we have been over paid which annoys us as like you how can it happen when you give them all details they aint so keen to back date if they under pay i went on the entiledto web site and it says we should get 142 a week but r only getting 114 so just filled out renewal and hope they change it
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