ok - i did a 'healthy' food shop which included a family bar of the crunchie diary milk choc bar and a family bar of dark choc - though that would be my treat nearly ate it all... prefer the other bar whoch was for hubby but resisted! THEN just read the back of them both and the dark one ive been munching on is sooooo much worse in calories and sat fat!!!!!!!! so thought well sod that and broke off a massive piece of diary milk and now munchinh on it with cuppa tea!!!

Please can someone tell me to get my arse in gear and BE GOOD AND LOOSE SOME BL**DY WEIGHT!!!

Sorry had to get that off my chest!

oh and work sent me email that ive just read that ive got a 'speeding violation' speeding when visiting grandad in cambridge arrrggghhhh soooo angry!!!!


  • sorry everyone that was meant for my dec 07 babies - dont feel yopu have to respond to my rant!!! lol

  • Don't worry chick, I've just been searching my cupboards for chocolate-no joy! Oh God, that means I've already eaten it all!
  • lol. thats so funny x
  • our sainsbury food has just been delivered and even though i made the order and knew i didnt buy any chocolate i was still gutted when there wasnt any there!!! Im soooooo hungry but im filling up on water...thing is i really need the loo but im that lazy i cant even be bothered to go for a wee...good job my pelvic floor is working lol x
  • vicky&joshua - LOL! hahaha. how funny. i get like that loads. too lazy to piss eh? christ what are we like? hee hee
  • i seem to be totally addicted to chocolate since having LO. i eat loads and i get into a frenzy if i dont have at least one bar a day!! its all i think about...get withdrawl symptoms. Need to stop or i'll not fit into my wedding dress!!

    I NEED some now xx
  • maybe if i walked up the stairs to the loo i wouldnt need to diet then i could order chocolate and eat it without worrying about piling on the pounds...vicious circle!

    mummy heather you can do it imagine how amazing you'll look on your WD...slim, toned, spot free..oh go on have that bar of dont really! x
  • Couldn't resist....Just ate fruit and nut!

    I'm naughty! x
  • im going to bed cos i want some so are naughty but hey as i always can start your diet tomorrow x
  • Well if I didn't fancy any chocolate before I do now!!!
  • my excuse for eating it now is making up for lost time. I couldn't stand the taste when pg so I went 9 months without it.
  • Mmmmm chocolate, I was bad last night and shared a bar of chilli chocolate with my oh. I can't get enough of it yummy.
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