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Not enough breast milk today :(

I am breastfeeding my 6 week old son and up until today my breasts are always leaking and very full! It doesnt take long for them to fill up once I have fed him but today they didnt seem as full as they have done and I havent even had to change my breast pads once...normally I change them about 5 times a day!!! I missed his night feed last night as I had expressed some milk for my OH to feed him, but my OH seems to think missing one feed wouldnt be a problem. Just tried to express some and from 1 breast I managed to get 2oz...normally I can get 4oz easily.
Anyone got a clue why this has happened? The last couple of days, being xmas, I have had a couple of glasses of wine and not been drinking as much water as I normally do, so wondering whether this may be something to do with it?


  • I wouldn't panic. Your milk supply is probably just be regulating to the amount your baby needs. That is normal and expected. There may be less milk than before, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's not enough for your baby. Keep feeding him on demand, or on your schedule and he'll probably be fine. If you've been expressing regularly, your body might be a bit confused about how much milk you acutally need. My midwife recommended that I didn't express milk at all until 6 to 7 weeks. I would stop expressing for a little while and just bf the baby so your body knows how much milk it needs to make for him.
    Good luck!
  • I'd have to agree with the above - its probably just your body regulating itself and the milk it produces - just think, you'll save a fortune on breast pads!

    I expressed from week one and never had a problem. the other thing to think about is if your lo is having a growth spurt and feeding more, you would have less milk available to express.

    Dont worry, things will be ok and missing one feed isnt a problem - ive missed loads sometimes and always had enough milk for him.

  • Hiya
    Just to echo the other responses here, sometimes I have to change my breast pads very frequently because they are overflowing, other times I can go days without them (only to be caught out in the middle of the night by getting drenched - I never learn!!!!) but it all depends on how much I am expressing and how much Barney is feeding. If he is regularly feeding in a 4-5 hour pattern and about the same amounts each feed then I can't express much as I am just making the amount he needs.
    But if he decides he's in a snacky mood, or wanting a mammoth feast, these all have knock on effects for the milk production.
    Wouldn't worry hun, it all seems normal....!
  • hi i wouldnt worry too much its just your body adapting to your babys needs, having said that isaac is 8 months old now and i still panic about not having enough milk for him some days, i guess its just part and parcel of being a mummy.
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