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just found a worm in my apple!!!!!!

just had to share what happened today, was happily munching on an apple, and just happened to look at it and there was this tiny wee "worm" thing (see-thru white with a black head) was so so small im pretty sure i could have eaten one before without even noticing.

has anyone had anything like this happen to them? does anyone know what it is?

im totally freaking about if there were more and i ate them!!!!..or worse if it laid eggs and i ate them!!!!

the apple was really fresh and had no holes or anything(or i wouldnt have eaten it..normally so paranoid about food).

thought is would be good to hear anyone elses weird/scary/disgustung food stories!!!


  • EERRUUUGGHH! *shudders*

    It was probably a fruit fly maggot. Even in fresh fruit they like to lay their eggs in the end of the apple (opposite side to where it was attached to the tree) They are harmless tho! And it rarely don't be put off your 5 a day!

    I was eating a fruit yorghurt (tesco's own brand) and there was a dead maggot in there...I nearly died when I saw it!!!

    My friend bought a freshly made salad in a box and there was a live caterpillar in it and another time another friend bought a ready made salad and there was a live slug in it...only a small one mind, but still makes you wonder why they don't wash the leaves off thoroughly before selling it!!!! image YUCK!
  • Oh and another time when I was about 11 or 12 we had a freak summer when there was loads of earwigs everywhere! I call it the year of the earwig. There was infestations of the beasts. My mum made me hot chocolate before bed as she always did and one night I looked in my cup (after having a few sips before hand) only to see one bobbing up and down in my cup!!!!!
  • urrrrrrr i was eating an extra special sainsburys meal it had a snail in it i found that out when i bit into it , i complained to sainsburys and they gave me ??20 !
  • When I was young, and i mean young was in primary school! i had a worm type thing in my plum!! Havent eaten once since!!
  • Euuurgh!!!!! Poor you! Gross.

    Maybe it's something to do with Tesco yogurts as a few yrs back I was eating one and there was a black hair in there - it defo wasnt mine as it was right in the middle of the yogurt, I saw it when I stirred it. It looked like a CAT HAIR yuck. SHould've complained
  • im no baby expert, but when i googled "what to do if a maggot is in your apple" this was the link that popped up

    anyway i was eatin away at my apple after a nice bowl, and on this one side it was like a little black circle in near the root of the apple, i bit into it and then there was all this little black dirt-like stuff, i started staring at it and a little head pops out. i immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up

  • Hi all, I m 26 weeks pregnant and had a guava today which had tiny white worms . I luckily remove the pulp n ski and just barely have a thin strip. But still I may have eaten or swallowed a couple of worms.

    What should I do , anything to worry about?pls help
  • Just experienced the same thing... a dark hole was present on the apple skin, dug into the apple to find a tiny brown tunnel, which led to the extremely small 'worm' in my apple. It hadn't made its way to the core yet, but was heading right for it.

    The 'worm' was yellowish-white with a black/brown head. If anyone is wondering, it is actually a larvae of the codling moth; they are usually found in western and southern North America (especially Utah) and are NOT parasitic to humans... but, they are common in apples we eat, so we have all probably eaten a few in our lifetime. I saw an article online saying "Bad News For Vegetarians", and thought that was funny; we just can't get away from ingesting that kind of protein.

    The apple I had was from Washington. The little critter made its way past the border into BC.

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