"Your Baby Can Read"...skeptical

Hi All

Yesterday I was at my parents house and my mum showed me a recording she'd saved for me on sky plus from the shopping channel for the DVDs "Your Baby Can Read". http://www.yourbabycan.co.uk/default.aspx

They reckon it's designed for babies between 3 months and 5 years and were showing clips of babies as young as 9 months reading words and pointing to body parts, or doing the action on the card etc etc.

I am incredibly skeptical...however also very intrigued!

Does anyone on here have any experience of it? If it actually works, then I'd love to give it a go. Not in a pushy parent high pressure way, but I think it would be amazing for LO if it does work?


  • I haven't bought it but have seen the advert on Sky.

    Personally I don't see the need in spending all that money on some picture cards and a DVD. You can buy similar cards for much cheaper in the shops and just do your own version at home! Also, from what I remember the kid watches the DVD - personally, I'd much rather be interacting with my baby myself than plonking them in front of the TV.

    I think it's pretty much common sense teaching them how to read and teaching them words and such things are over priced and a bit of a con! I don't see any reason why a child can't learn to the same ability with plenty of reading to them, interacting and talking and using similar (but much cheaper!) cards yourself.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • I have to say it sounds like a complete load of twaddle to me. I've always sat with my son and read to him and pointed out the pictures and now at 19 months he can almost 'read' some of his picture books to me by pointing at the pictures and telling me what it is which sounds like what this program is trying to do. He could do a couple of things at about 10 months and I think it was much more fun my way than plonking him in front of a dvd. As long as you're reading and talking to your lo as often as possible then they'll all end up talking and reading themselves
  • I have 2 nephews and I taught them their abc's so that when I asked them for a letter in the alphabet they were able to point to it before they were a year old, however they are two extremely intelligent boys and are the youngest chess champions to play for Ireland. I think that you can make flash cards yourself and can create things to help them learn and it would probably be cheaper!

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  • I saw this at the baby show and it was really amazing watching all these videos! I'm going to try it when my bubba comes along xx
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