milk powder dispensers - are they worth it?

i was looking at the tommy tippee powder dispenser but not 100% how it works (they look quite good though) can anyone explain?

Also we use Avent bottles so do we need tommy tippee bottles - the mothercare website didn't give much of an explanation.

Thank you!x


  • I have the TT dispensers and they just fit in the bottles of water so you tip the powder in when its needed & shake, then warm up (or not if LO takes room temp.)

    I love them but not sure if they would fit avent bottles. You can get avent powder dispenser but it is seperate to the bottles. x
  • I have them too and they are really useful.
  • I find them really useful too. They are only ??3 for a box of 6 from Asda so you can always give them a try without wasting too much money - if they dont fit you could take them back. I know avent do a powder dispenser but its a seperate tub.
  • Hi there we have the tommy tippee bottles and milk tubs and they are brilliant won't be without mine. My firend has the avent bottles and we tried the pots in them and sorry but they don't fit at all. xxxx
  • Can only agree, the TT dispensers are great. I even use them for night feeds so that the formual is already measuerd out and takes less time to get the bottle ready for lo. Also they are fab when travelling or going away overnight. I had all bottles and formula measuerd out for an overnight stay and it was so handy. S x
  • i use the advent bottles and use the advent powder despencer which is ??4.99 from boots.
    but boots now have there own one which is the same as the advent one and costs just 99p.

    i mkake up 24 hours of bottles at a time and keep them in the fridge i use the despencer for when out x
  • Hi, i got mine as a gift so dont know where its from, it could be boots, its blue? it has 3 compartments so like 3 bottles, i would nt be without mine i love it and its a lot easier x
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