What questions should I ask?

I start back at work in 2 months (**cry**) and I have found a really lovely nursery for my DD. I have checked their ofsted report and facilities and everything looks really good! I am going next week for a visit and don't really know what questions I should ask.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should ask so that I know its the right nusery for her?




  • hello

    things that I would ask would be:

    what is the daily routine for kids here
    what activities do they do (outside play?? etc etc)
    what foods do you serve
    what is your policy on sleeping, getting lo's to sleep on their own on mat on floor together etc etc
    what is your policy on discipline of your own and others
    also if there is anything specific you prefer with your lo this would be a good opportunity to highlight this and make agreements etc eg: she does/not take a dummy, teddy to be, she does not like ......foods etc etc

    its so hard to leave them at first but it'll be you who hurts more lol in no time she'll be waving you off without a care, good thing is you'll know she's happy and having fun
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