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OMG!! hv's can be so anoying, i took lo to get weighed today and was telling her about how she sometimes doesnt seem interested in eating...she seems to eat a lot at 1 sitting then not much at another sometimes! she said she should be really having 3 meals a day now, then she asked me what foods i was giving her and said i should be giving her stage 2 foods and chunks of food as well as homemade...even though i was telling her that she just chokes on everything. i do try her with these things but she just has not worked out how to eat it yet and gags then starts choking these things take time dont they!! her weight is fine so she is doing great with what she is having at the moment. i was so annoyed that she was saying this as i know ive been trying to get her to eat lumpyer foods and her saying she wont choke...well is it her that has to clear the sick up after she has choked on it! silly cow:x
she is not even 6 1/2 months yet i though she is doing ok and will eventually take to the more lumpyer foods etc. i had to get out of there before i said something....its like they know your child better than you do!! i also rememered when i got home that this is the same women who telled me to wait til 6 months at least to start weaning her as breastfeeding was enough til she is that old!!! as if in like not even 2 weeks she will be doing all this...how dare she!:x
sorry for the rant but i had to tell someone and who best to listen than you ladies!!!:lol:image


  • HV's contradict themselves at every turn, I dont really trust them and do not have much time for them. I found when you go to them for help all they do is patronise you and try to make you feel bad and talk down to you. I really do think as mums we instinctivly know whats best for our kids. Keep doing what your doing, love the pic by the way sooooo cute!
  • bloody hvs constantly contradicting themselves! just do what you feel is best for ur lo you know her best and like you said its not her that has to clean up the sick and have her heart stop for a second when she chokes on it! silly bint! pay no mind to it! xxx
  • i never pay any attention to what they say, but its really annoying to listen to the rubbish that comes out of there mouths....if baby wont eat i cant make her can i? for a moment it almost makes you feel like a bad mum and like your not trying your best for them.
    Thanks for that hollys mummy!
    Caz x x
  • hey dont worry bout it my dd is 21mnths and still wont eat much lumpy food! she gags and chokes to, i went to see the doc about her eating habbits and he said she will eat when she wants and when shes ready!lets face it she will be eating lumpy food when shes 10! i hope.lolxxx
  • cheers for that ckib its really reasurring to know im not the only 1 with a choker! lol:lol: like you say they will have it when they are ready....
    Caz x x
  • hi my lo is now 6 months and will only have muller little stars, ellas organic pouches........thats it at the mo... he used to eat rusks (likes it actually quite lumpy) now refusses it also used to eat the fruity breakfast cereal now refusses that aswell!!! confussing!!!

    i have made pear, carrot and butternut squash purees... pear took about 5days and then he ate it but carrot he wouldn't then tonight tried butternut squash and he gagged, retched.......what a pallarva!!! it's sooo tiring as i worry that he should be eating but what can you do i cant force feed him???

  • Hey star11, my lo is the same aint it weird how they love it 1 minute then they dont. i use to give her porridge on a morning and now its hard work trying to give her breckie cos she just blows rasberrys and spits it all back out. im running out of things to try:roll: :lol:
    caz x x
  • i'll be seeing hv next week and i would love some proper advice but shes totally crap!!!!!!!!!! i think i worry cause he now fusses over bottles aswell so i think got he'll be hingry in night - only just got him stopped on night feeds but he still wakes but worried he'll wake hungry oif i dont get it in him!!! xx
  • my lo has only just started sleeping through over the last 2 week but when she doesnt have a good feed all day i notice she tends to wake about 2-3am. its so frustrating cos i know she is hungry most of the time she just is more interested in playing on the floor or with her toys, she gets so easily distracted, so she then spits it all back out. cheeky monkey!:lol:
    caz x x
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