Cot mobile recommendations please

Can anyone recommend a fab cot mobile?

The one we've got at the moment is just a Classic Disney one with soft toys hanging from It but it hangs too low and ds (almost 19weeks) is now able to pull at the toys and if he starts pulling any harder I can see the whole thing going over.

We use the mobile before every nap and at don't want anything too stimulating, but enough to grab his attention especially when I stick it on to entertain him when I'm getting ready- unless anyone can recommend any other cot toys for that x


  • Our lo really didn't like the mobile, we got a musical globe that plays classical music & shines stars up to the ceiling which changes colour. It plays for 12 mins & lights then music fade out. She's usually asleep before the music stops!

    It doesn't sit in the cot but beside it so she can't grab anything

  • We have a Tiny Love one which Adam is still entralled by at nearly 7 months! He can grab the toys, but it is quite robust and has not broken yet...

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