how do i make sure she takes soluble tablets

Hi girls need help faith has bin but on steroid they got to be dissolve in water and give to her before of after her food i thinking to give it her with a 1oz on milk when she wont feeding wont do you think


  • i was thinking about doing that but she bin playing even when give her cowpul the only thing she having near her is a bottle she right fuss pot might try boing it both way see wont work thank hun
  • all we can do try and see wont works
  • hey,

    It sounds like it is best to give it to her in a bottle - can you give her the medicine in one bottle then give her her milk feed straight after in a different bottle?
  • she had it in her bottle just a 1oz with milk she took it really well just hope it help her
  • I'm not sure if you should mix it with milk if you were told to mix it with water - maybe phone docs/nhs/pharmasist to find out. It may need just water to make it work.
  • Feel for you hun! Gabe is on antibiotics 4 times a day, diarelyte 3 times and either medised or calpol before bed cos he gets very unsettled & in pain during the night. He HATES having medicine in any shape or form, this morning I mixed it with his food, tonight he had in a syringe but it is a battle to get him to open his mouth! I would give it to Faith any way you can really even if it is in her milk x
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