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Just wondered if anyone else LO's have had baby acne? My little boy is 3 weeks now and the last couple of days he has developed lots of pimples over his cheeks and forehead. They dont seem to bother him but are quite red looking.

Anyone know how long this will last? Whats everyone elses experience?


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  • Hiya,

    Yeah, my little one had really bad baby acne - all over face and chest and they developed into white headed spots - looked so angry and sore, although they weren't bothering her.

    I took her to the doctors and they gave her some cream Fucidin, which was fabulous - cleared it up in about 4 days.

    If it doesn't clear up soon, you may want to consider a trip to the doctors?

    Hope that helps

  • omg my ds2 was covered I didnt think a wee baby could have so many spots and they really clustered in wee areas with maybe 20 - 30 wee tiny spots, are you bfing? as your hormones can affect this too but not to worry it will settle down, think ds was about 6 - 8 weeks before it fully left
  • Jensen got this at 3 weeks and is just clearing now, he's 4+5 today his skin is much clearer x
  • My ds had really bad spots on his face when he was around 7/8 weeks and they lasted about a week. The dr gave me some cream but it didn't help much, they just cleared up on their own in the end. I think a lot of babies have a short period of bad skin.
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