Getting frozen cubes out of their containers


When I am batch cooking once the food as frozen I take them out of the containers and put the frozen cubes into labelled freezer bags.

We mainly have the tommee tippee pots.

I am just wondering if there is a easy way to get the frozen cubes out with out damaging the containers. If I was to grease them first would that help or line with baking paper? I know you can buy flexible freezer containers but to be honest I don't really want to fork out any more money on containers



  • i just used some cheap ice cube trays and popped them out after leaving them on the side for a few mins x
  • I also just used ordinary ice cue trays, then run water over the back once I was taking the stuff out - just pops out, even using cold water usually xx
  • Like piggypops we used ice cube trays rather than pots and I too find that if you leave them on the side for a few mins before trying to get them out, they come out easier. Might be worth a try for your pots too.

    Sorry can't be of more help xx
  • Yep I just run the tap over the back of it. x
  • Leaving them on the side for a few mins seems to work for us too. I was just wondering if there was a werid and wonderful way that I was missing out on lol.

    For those of you who have said you use ice cube trays - how many ice cubes are your LOs eating?
  • Well my ds is just short of 7 months and would often eat 6 cubes of savoury followed by a yogurt or fruit pot. He is a big boy though, don't know if you remember me from bif, but he was over 12lb born and has a good appetite (mostly anyway)!
  • We have 3 different sized ice cube trays! My LO eats 5 large ice cubes (6 medium or 10 small) which equates to about 100ml for his main meal and then he'll have another 3/4 large cubes of fruit for his pudding, around 80ml.

    HTH xx
  • We use silicone ice cube trays (from ikea) i think and it's really easy to get the cubes of food out of them. Cameron tends to have 8 in a meal but is a big baby image x
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