Enough already!

Please please please.... no more argument posts. Even if it is support someone, it justs bumps things up and makes it worse.

*We are all lovely people who sometimes have different opinions.*



  • here here. i am so upset by all this. ((hugs))
  • i know i shouldn't have replied to sofedup post, just annoyed me but gave her the response she was looking for! just going to report such posts from now on, should all do the same don't reply just report them!!


  • I'm with Samantha, as far as I know the only person I've laid into is sofedup, but I should have known better. I did report the post but I should have left it at that!
  • If she posts again it should just be ignored!
  • can everyone go to the website suggestions tab & add their view to the reported post topic I started days ago, web ed still hasn't responded but imo they (the admin of this site) need to put up a public warning to stop these threads & getting a lot more posts on that thread may help move things along.

    Oh & this thread doesn't help either but I know where you're coming from. haha image

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  • hear hear...totally agree!!! i have posted on the latest but why not?? I was sick of others having their say and me staying quiet. Feels better to have got it off my chest.

    I am worried tho that some of these 'victims' are genuine and are already depressed ..hence their mannerisms. what if we push someone into an awful state and something tragic happens. I am serious about this.
    Please all have a group hug...stay away if you still feeling argumentative and then come back and start again... as I said on my other thread..we are teaching the next generation how to behave. What chance do they have if their mummies cant even get on or how a debate without it turning into a mud slinging witch hunt!!!

    End of
    d x
  • Totally agree!!

    I did have my say on the matter, but from now on.....I'm just gonna R&R and not get involved! This was the first time I had ever got involved in an arguement. No more!!

    Have a lovely, happy day ladies!!

    I'm going christmas shopping!! image

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