does your baby sick after meals?

hey, my little girl keeps bringing up sick sometimes quite a lot, projectile. i feel like im feeding her to much but she seems to want it, then after she has been sick she wants more. anyone know if therescacway to help it? thanx
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  • Is she uncomfortable in any way? It could be reflux. You can't over feed a baby, they do just take what they need. You didn't say if you were BF or FF, how much she takes, how often. If you are sure it'm not just posetting, which is perfectly normal, I'd speak to your GP. If it's reflux, it can be straight after or a while after milk. She may arch her back, or cry. She might benefit from infant gaviscon, to keep her milk down. Sit her up for 15mins after feeds, speak to the GP. If they agree, then consider putting the head of the moses/crib/cot up on books, or buying a wedge cushion to keep lo's head up when sleeping. HTH x

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  • My LO is always sick after milk or food, we still havent worked out what it is, as she's never bothered by it and doesnt seem hungry afterwards I was told by HV she's just getting rid of what she doesn't need (I'm not convinced!) but some other girls on here had very sicky babies and it has turned out to be allergies. I would suggest seeing your doctor just to be sure. x x
  • Could be reflux...silent reflux is the pain of acid reflux with no sick. If there is accompanying discomfort and weight gain isn't great then it definitely needs checking out, but if weight gain is good and there doesn't seem to be any pain it may just need to run its course and although annoying it may be nothing to worry about.

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