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i dont know if i mentioned it before xmas but my OH was threatened with redundancy before xmas and his boss gave him 4 days off to make a decision on whether he wanted a package putting together (obv there's no decision making involved cuz we have a baby and need him to work!! - spoilt our xmas with the worry)...anyway, when he went back to work after the 4 days his boss acted like nothing had happened and everything carried on as normal...until today...he's just phoned me to say his boss just phoned his department and said his son was coming down in 10 mins to cover him and they were going to 'finish' their conversation...he also said he was calling another guy into the meeting...i can't help thinking the worst, it really doesn't sound good and i know his boss doesn't like him, sean is the only one working there with responsibilities, his boss only employs young people and EVERYONE else still lives at home with their parents and have no kids etc i can't believe this is happening...arghhh i'm sooo scared!!! x


WELL, where do i start? his job is safe for now...this apparently was just 'a test' of his commitment to the company!!!!! WTF?! so his boss decided to ruin our xmas with the threat of redundancy and then it was all just a sick and twisted little game?!!! i'm soooooo mad but there's nothing i can do, i can't believe it!!! thanks for all the messages girls...GRRRRRRRRRRRR @ HIS BOSS!!!!!!!

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  • oh hun. got my fingers crossed for u and OH xx
  • i know there's really nothing anyone can say to help but just needed a rant...i'm sat here looking at everything we've worked so hard for and just hoping it's not bad news, there's no jobs at the moment, he's been desperately trying to leave there for months because of the way his boss treats him! arghhh! x
  • still no news, it's been an hour now, oh godddd!! x
  • oh hun try and do something to take ur mind off of it, u'll just be working urself up! xx
  • oh hun sending you big hugs
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason and although ti may seem like the end of the world now but in a years time you may well look back and think it was the best thing to happen! I know that is maybe not the most helpful thing now but I hope whatever the out come you and your family will be happy, safe and healthy! You will come through the other side! Fingers crossed!
  • Hope everything works out ok. I know its hard but try not to worry honey. Fingers are crossed for you both.

  • I can totally sympathise - my DH was made redundant mid-November and has been struggling to find work ever since. We have just had to make the tough decision to bite the bullet and claim benefits as my maternity pay finished last week but we are hoping it wont be for very long.

    As long as you stay strong together it will all work out in the end hon no matter how difficult it seems right now.

  • Any news yet hun? xx
  • I hope everything is ok and you are worrying over nothing.
  • Hope evrythings ok, fingers crossed for u
  • hope alls ok jenny xxx
  • thinking of you babe, hope it's gone OK ? I know exactly how you feel. I work for a bank (just been taken over so bound to be loads of redundancies) and OH is in the building trade. Not safe either. Fingers crossed for you doll. S x
  • thinking of you babe, hope it's gone OK ? I know exactly how you feel. I work for a bank (just been taken over so bound to be loads of redundancies) and OH is in the building trade. Not safe either. Fingers crossed for you doll. S x
  • Hope it's gone ok this afternoon. THinking of you as I know exactly how you feel. I work for a bank (juts been taken over so bound to be redundancies) and OH in building trade so he's not safe right now either. Fingers crossed.S x
  • Hope everythings ok xxxx
  • fingers crossed for you an OH. i got made redundant in sept, and my OH is signed off with unexplained seizures, we bit the bullet too and have claimed benefits, i feel like shit doing it, but ive been putting into the system for years, so its about time the system worked for me ! it wont be for long as hopefully OH can go back to work next month, providing his consultant is happy with him....

    if your OH thinks hes being unfairly treated/made redundant then he MUST speak to his trade union, he has to agree to the redundancy package, so please dont take this lying down if worst comes to the worst. plus, if his position is reinstated within 3 months of his departure, he is well within his rights to take the company to court for unfair dismissal...

    give me a shout if you need any advice, ive been through this and it was aweful, but somehow its worked out for us as i got a good package....

    good luck and fingers crossed

  • Hi Hun,
    I don't know all the ins and outs of redundancy laws but they can't just make your OH redundant unless he agrees to the package they offer him. They have to be able to show that they have tried to find an alternative role for him if his own role is no longer needed etc. And they can't employ anyone else in his role after he has left. If he has been forced to take redundancy talk to an employment lawyer or union rep as companies are not allowed to do that! Thinking of you!
  • if i were ur OH id find another job and bugger his boss up, thats out of order what hes done!!
  • What a spiteful thing to do. Bet there's something going on with the boss and his boss and he's trying to make himself feel better by being vile to someones else. Heard someone call it stress dumping. I agree with EmilyB I hope your oh finds something somewhere else.x
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