abortion programme

The blond girl is awful and appears to have some serious issues.
Dont know why i watch these progs really! But couldnt not.


  • I'm the same, i didn't want to watch it but still ended up sat there 'watching it'! It was quite upsetting, tbh wish i hadn't watched it now!

  • I know, i always watch things like this and regret it after! It was awful esp as one lady was saying they "induced the miscarriage she had been praying for" so in her mind she has "lost" the baby not killed. As someone who has suffered miscarriages in the past this makes me so angry and sad. Trouble is i dont belive one of those women has learnt her lesson.
  • I understand that some people do need to abort their baby, but it hurts me when people use it as contraception, people try for years for children, is there not another way?
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